UniversityHeavy rains dampen Kick-off
Heavy rains dampen Kick-off
November 5, 2010
November 5, 2010

With the combined efforts of the University Student Government (USG), the DLSU men’s and women’s football teams, DLSU Parents of University Students Organization (PUSO), and Council of Organizations (CSO), the football field was given a sendoff party called Kickoff, which included a concert and a whole day bazaar.

The event was an opportunity for Lasallians, alumni, and outsiders to commemorate the glory days of the football field before the Henry Sy Sr. building, an ambitious project to celebrate the centennial year of DLSU, is built on the field.  Construction will begin mid-October.

Football matches between colleges and alumni football varsity players occupied the field during the day. Later that night, the highlight of the concert was the fashion show sponsored by PUSO. Representatives from the different sectors in the University took part in the show.

USG President Lorenz de Castro admitted that the weather was the biggest challenge for the organizing team. It rained the whole day and the football field, where most of the activities took place, was submerged in water.

The downpour discouraged many visitors to participate in the program prepared by the team. Some merchandise got wet and sales were slow throughout the day causing some concessionaires to leave earlier.

De Castro explained that Vice Chancellor for Lasallian Mission and External Relations Br. Bernie Oca FSC ordered that whether it rained or shined, the celebration must push through. Umbrellas were given out to visitors and make shift bridges were created to encourage the crowd to visit the bazaar and watch the concert in the field.

The turnout of the event would have been better were it not for the bad weather. De Castro also shared that the team had a hard time gathering sponsors because the sendoff party coincided with a foreign act concert.

“I think if there was anything that was good about it [Kickoff], it’s the support of the community,” de Castro added.

The proceeds of the event will benefit the One La Salle scholarship fund.

DLSU football team coach Hans Smit ended the celebration with a short and witty message on the school’s unwavering sportsmanship. An award was also given to the oldest football varsity player who attended the celebration.