SportsDo today’s Green Archers become tomorrow’s PBA stars?
Do today’s Green Archers become tomorrow’s PBA stars?
October 20, 2011
October 20, 2011

For the past years, the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) has been home to Lasallian basketball stars that who thrived in college, and did the same in the professional league.

The likes of Mac Cardona, Mike Cortez, Jun Limpot among the others, brought pride to the Alma Mater for their great hard court performance, humility, discipline, and Lasallian virtues.

So now, we ask, is playing with a Taft’s heart guarantee automatic success in the professional league?

Many say that the athletes of today’s La Salle system are different from those of yesteryears. Others feel that it has been constant, and believe, “Lasalistang basketball player naman yan eh,” thus they will do well in the PBA.

We beg to differ.

True, the environment and basketball system in La Salle prepares collegiate Cagers for their future in the big leagues, and shapes them to improve game after game.

We, however, must remember especially for the current batch of Green Archers that humility, perseverance, and work ethic determine greatness and success in the big leagues.

Take for example the likes of Jvee Casio the recent #1 pick in the PBA draft and Ty Tang, a 5’10 Rain or Shine Elasto Painters spitfire.

Casio is known as many things during his college stay like “Mr. Big shot,” or “Clutch.” Not many though, know the fact that Casio would spend countless hours not only improving on his game, but also being a consistent Dean’s Lister.

Many of his peers called him “Sir Jvee” for to the amount of time he would spend working with his teammates, especially the rookies to help shape their game.

His discipline was something that many remembered him by, and it is what helped him become a household name with Smart-Gilas.

Many Lasallians also remember the humble Ty Tang. Much like Jvee, Tang spent many hours and nights in the court. He, however, never abused the benefits of being an athlete, and performed exceptionally well as an academic student. His passion and love for the game helped him win our school several UAAP titles.

Another key aspect that many do not know of is how discipline, passion and loyalty can take an enduring place in the hearts of those closest to you.

The training given by the DLSU helped shape basketball professionals, but it should be noted that true hard work, ethics and a good personality make great professionals out of college players.