MenagerieGoing combo crazy
Going combo crazy
January 8, 2012
January 8, 2012

Lately, among the various trends, combinations, fusions and what are commonly known as “mash ups” seem to be leading the pack. In the past, things stood alone, until people realized that two is better than one. Now, there are fierce competitions outside sports arenas, songs with rock and rap, and even food inside another food.

It is, however, not just music like Maroon 5’s song with Christina Aguilera that have every Lasallian moving like Jagger. There are tons of other combinations on and off the silver screen. The Menagerie investigates this new phenomenon; here are a few interesting combinations ranging from entertainment – to food – to gadgets.

Media mayhem

Nothing can entertain like the media. Whether through television or the Internet, there is always something interesting to view on your iPad, android or cellphone. But what about adding other elements that were not exactly “media-rrific” before?

Entertainment today combines musicals, “reality”, and business in one giant crazy ball of happiness, and the youth simply cannot get enough of it.  Case in point,  the TV series Glee, which combines the elements of musicals and typical television storylines in an entire show. The addition of broadway into this television series adds to its uniqueness and success, making this combo one worth re-using sometime.

Many other new reality shows are airing, yet there is no denying that Keeping Up with the Kardashians are at the top of the reality-show food chain.  The Kardashians is a family that gained much coverage because of their reality antics. They managed to sell their ever so expanded brand “Dash”; talk about business, fame, and pleasure all in one.

In the past, only movies covered the elements of thrill and fantasy. Now one show pops up after another that cover both themes. Do Pretty Little Liars, Dexter, The Vampire Diaries, and The Secret Circle ring a bell? If so, media’s mixtures of both suspense and fantasy have concocted a successful formula for addiction.

Everything is a competition

Before, athletic competitions were the only type of competitions that people looked forward to – the coveted Olympics, SEA Games, and even Manny Pacquiao’s controversial boxing matches. Sports is one thing in the competing arena, but today there are more!

Nowadays, there are competitions for everything. Anything from fashion and lifestyle to talent all have the competitive aura. Take a look around and see how shows like America’s Next Top Model and Project Runway are endorsing competition. Who can resist the delectable tastes of Master Chef, Iron Chef, and Hell’s Kitchen? Then there are the powerhouse vocals and tricky tapings of American Idol, The Voice, America’s Best Dance Crew, So You Think You Can Dance, and Dancing with The Stars.

Food fight

Food nowadays is considered a work of art, because the flair of presentation is as important as the flavor. At the same time, flavors that belong to the opposite side of the spectrum are enhanced and combined with each other.

The fast food industry takes combinations to a whole new level. They set out to reinvent the typical hamburger into Hash Brown Burgers (of Jollibee), Double Downs (of KFC), and the now-defunct Rice Burgers (of McDonald’s).

Another interesting food combo is milk and tea combinations, initially started by the British. Now, there are numerous milk tea branches along Taft Ave.

Reinvention of the dark side

Reinvention is not only for the carbohydrate and protein section of the food pyramid. It also applies to the calorie-laden and saturated fats-filled desserts section.

Desserts are traditionally sweet, but it seems that they have taken a foray into the world of saltiness. Take for example the Piggy Stardust, an exotic creation by Erica Paredes of Happy Bacon made of chocolate-covered bacon. Many would think that chocolate with bacon is just a recipe for a heart attack, but for some, such a combination is comforting. Another creation worth mentioning is Happy Lemon’s Rock Salt and Cheese drinks that have captured the attention of many tea lovers. The brand has grown so popular in Manila that it continues to expand in malls around the Metro.

These brands are just a few examples of food that have made it mainstream. Surely, many more food items are on the brink of popularity. We just have to wait for the next breakthrough.

All in a compact device

Few remember the humongous size and chunky appearance of the first cell phone. No one would have thought that the modern day cell phone could be linked to a computer. One can compose and reply to e-mails, surf the Internet, play games, and more. In short, gadgets are now the lifeline of the user, an indispensable tool for daily living.

In the rat race of the cellular phone giants, it is commonplace for a BlackBerry to duke it out with an iPhone. While touch screen phones are the in-thing right now, no one can predict the trends in the upcoming years.

People eagerly await the release of the latest version of a certain gadget, just because they want to have the best items on sale. Even in the university, iPad 2 has totally replaced the iPad 1 . It just goes to show that even a little difference matters. A little difference in weight, longevity, or any little part, has an effect on the user.

Forever combo crazy

In this time and place, it pays to have a squirt of creativity and a dash of wild imagination. As movies and television series become more complicated, as more simple tasks become competitions, and as more people experiment with food and gadgets, there is only one thing to expect: that every second, combinations are getting crazier and crazier.