UniversityCOLE holds emergency meeting
COLE holds emergency meeting
March 28, 2012
March 28, 2012

Last January 22, an emergency meeting was held by the Convention of Leaders (COLE) to discuss four agendas concerning major changes in the University for A.Y. 2012-2013, namely, the next Brother President, the integration of DLSU and DLSC, the approval of the four-day class week and the approved tuition fee increase.

Strong candidate for the position

 Cabe Aquino, University Student Government (USG) President, explained that the Board of Trustees (BOT) has endorsed Br. Ricky Laguda FSC as the next president of DLSU amid Br. Jun Erguiza’s decision to discontinue his term.

According to Aquino, the BOT recommended Br. Ricky because of his strong management background and experience as the President of De La Salle Philippines and the former Chancellor of the University.

Since the position of chancellor will also be left vacant following Br. Jun’s resignation, the BOT has decided to recommend another brother to fill the chancellor position.

During Br. Jun’s presidency in DLSU, he also served as chancellor.

The purpose of consulting with COLE is to allow suggestions for potential candidates for the post.

A complete takeover?

A takeover of DLSC is planned for A.Y. 2013-2014. The campus will be renamed as the Science and Technology Complex. The decision will prompt the University to relocate the College of Engineering (COE), College of Science (COS) and the College of Computer Studies (CCS).

During the meeting, a point was raised that the Canlubang campus is having difficulty progressing, and it stands to benefit from the merger with DLSU.

Aquino notes that they University will hold further consultation with its stakeholders..

Old to new, new to old         

Days after a town hall meeting was held to discuss the 6-day class week, the administration announced during the meeting that the University will adopt the previous four-day schedule next term.

According to survey results of an evaluation team, most of the stakeholders are not in favor the a six-day class week schedule.

Aquino shares that the University will exert more effort to formulate an optimal scheduling scheme.

She also discussed that the administration will focus more on disaster reduction and risk management since student density will increase on certain days.

Justified Increase

The 3.5 percent tuition fee increase was approved to adjust to the skyrocketing oil prices and inflation.

Aquino also mentioned that the biggest concern is the maintenance of good faculty.

According to her, faculty members incur great opportunity costs in teaching in DLSU as working for companies or firms generate higher income.

Some proceeds of the increase will go to the maintenance, replacement and updates of computers and other facilities.

Article 22, section one of the USG Constitution, COLE serves as an advisory body to the President without any executive or legal functions. It is composed of all the student sectors in the University, and is obliged to convene once every term.

The President can, however, call on emergency meetings should the need arise.