OpinionSports meme invasion
Sports meme invasion
August 22, 2012
August 22, 2012

Memes have been flying around social network sites in recent months. These fancy pictures that have one liner jokes are dominating websites all over the online world to the colorful world of sports.

Perhaps very few if not the any could have imagined the impact memes would have when it started. The result of likes, shares, reposts, re-tweets, and comments are truly evident, as memes have paved their way to pages and profiles.

The same could be said in the world of sports memes; thousands of likes, shares, reposts and the like have flooded the information super highway that 9gag.com, a known site for its memes, almost became secondother meme sports pages.

The explanation is quite simple; memes come from serious issues and jokes that matter; it is a way in which people could express themselves without destroying their social status. The same could be said for sports. Sports has its own issues that many readers are concerned about. In addition, sports involves real time events that people more or less stare at for the duration of the game, set or play.

The dictionary describes a meme as a unit of culture that passes from one mind to another, which could contain catchphrases, fashion, and melodies. Just imagine a catchphrase with a sports image that talks about a player’s fashion style, and the like; memes and sports make a good combination right?

Sports memes merge the meanings of two words and creates a completely new output that hasan athletic concept of images. They are redefined once more once they reach the online industry.

The memes in general, however, may directly or indirectly affect the students including Lasallians in a positive or negative way. Students are the primary absorbers of memesseen on the Internet; they are also the primary users of the web.

Despite all implications, the spread of sports memes would be a hard thing to stop as anything in the Internet world comes in handy. Lasallians in particular have become thetop patriots of sports memes; imagine what would happen if the meme craze went down to the collegiate level?

Memes about sports really provide fun to anyone who sees it. These online materials are probably the best stress relievers anyone could find. The world of sports and collection of memes have truly complemented each other to provide a different kind of atmosphere in the electronic world.

Moreover, sports has in a way saved the dying meme craze and has revitalized it to make it even funnier than before. Memes have also brought spice to the world of sports, a serious environment, which has been changed into a jolly one, but perhaps the greatest contribution of memes to the sports is that it has allowed people who would normally shy away from sports a chance to take another look, hence promoting sports and the issues that need to be addressed about it.

These relievers have also been helping students take time to relax from continuous quizzes, but there is a certain amount of responsibility in making and spreading memes.

The sports memes may cause damage to patrons and even players. This has been prevalent in the memes made about Hollywood actors and politicians. Moreover, it also brings into question the best explanation people could give for making and spreading memes that go below the belt: “It is just for laughs.”

In this sense, creating sport memes would be useless since offending parties involved defeats the purpose of bringing fun to users.In addition, the use of foul words could possibly damage people and their reputation. Another issue that comes to rise here is the issue of the truth. Some memes are made to look like they are telling the truth or a truth about a person, and though many would of course know that most memes are not true, some would believe them or at least develop a preconceived notion about the actor, politician, or athlete.

Though memes have given the students a new form of relaxation, there is a need to develop a sense of responsibility among students to know that schoolwork is more important and to look beyond the funny side of a meme.

The sports meme craze cannot be stopped and should not be stopped as it has done so much to the world of sports. But again, people need to be a bit more responsible and accountable to the consequences of their actions.