SportsUAAP themes before “Unbreakable”
UAAP themes before “Unbreakable”
August 22, 2012
August 22, 2012

Rivalries and confrontations have always been common in the UAAP; unique themes are not.

A theme is a unifying idea that serves as the backbone of events that give a program direction and fluidity.

According to DLSU UAAP Board Member Edwin Reyes, themes provide uniqueness to an event. Moreover, themes make an event memorable.

Throughout the UAAP’s 74 years of existence, host schools have shown fans countless of themes that embodied the idea and mission of athletes and students, hailing from each of the eight university members.

And now on its 75th year, revisit and recall the past three themes that have made the UAAP Unbreakable.

When Colors Unite at 72

Season 72 introduced us to the theme, which emphasized brotherhood and unity with “One Color, One Goal”.

The event started with a pledge of sportsmanship and camaraderie from the eight UAAP basketball coaches.

Host, Far Eastern University, marked the start of the season by flooding the venue with event participants clad in white costumes, symbolizing unity throughout the league. The host also replaced the tradition of waving individual colors to represent a participant university with a Sarimanok, bearing each school’s representative color to signify the union between the participating universities.

As the season ended, it was clear that season host, FEU, wanted to tell the universities and its students that if we stand together, we are united.

Standing against all odds at 73

The 73rd season began with the phrase “Where Heroes are Made” as the official theme of the season.

As master of ceremonies, De La Salle University wanted to live up to its reputation as being hip, upscale, and innovative, which inspired the creation of the theme.

The concept of superheroes instantly connected with many teenagers, which in turn increased the hype for the appearance of each “Campus Hero”.

Season 73 opened with different DLSU alumni and artists’ performances, together with participants from the other universities.

But the real star of the show was the display of each “Campus Hero,” represented by one athlete from each member university.

And as the opening ceremonies came to a halt, the games displayed a concrete example of the ideals and qualities of a real heroe in the representation of athletes, all of whom rose in the face of adversity and pushed on without fear.

Season 73 proved that heroes do exist, and they do fight for honor and glory on a day-to-day basis on the court or inside the classroom.


Surpassing commitment and passion in 74

Witness passion and commitment as season 74 blasted out with “All Out, All heart”.

Season 74 host, Ateneo De Manila University, started with a unique open field opening ceremony, which was a UAAP first.

Featuring an Olympic-style ceremony, it built on the torch relay, parade of athletes, cauldron lighting, and open concert.

A torch relay started in Taft Avenue with DLSU’s representative who passed the torch on to the other seven members of the UAAP.

The season witnessed blood, sweat, and tears from the teams that gave their all to bring home the title.


As UAAP becomes Unbreakable 

On its 75th year, the UAAP has remained strong and unified throughout the years; this idea brought the theme, “Unbreakable at 75.”

An opening ceremony of light shows and firework displays captured the audience’s attention.

Hosted by National University, the 75th season has now begun in a new state-of-the-art venue that would house several house sporting events.

From the first UAAP season 74 years ago, university teams have evolved and have developed a united and unified school spirit to pursue a single goal of glory that would inspire students and fans alike to give out their one hundred and one percent effort to cheer their team through losses and wins.

Expect to see more of the league and its athletes, as their quest will not stop anytime soon.