SportsDLSU’s UAAP Grand Championship bid
DLSU’s UAAP Grand Championship bid
December 1, 2012
December 1, 2012

Season 70, the year after DLSU’s UAAP suspension, was also the last year that the DLSU Green Archers failed to make it to the top three slots of the UAAP championship race. Since then, the Green-and-White squad has been trying to reach the prestigious crown, keeping a close trail behind the champion, UST, for four straight years.


Within these four years of coming close, the Green Archers did not only maintain a good run; the team also, in the process, minimized the lead of the Growling Tigers.

GC - Infographic by Giselle Que

Starting at season 71

It was in season 71 when the Archers started to point arrows toward the general championship.


Bagging a combined achievement of 13 medals from tennis, judo, basketball, swimming, football, volleyball, and chess for a total score of 241, the Taft-based athletes pushed their way through the top. The run was, however, futile against the powerhouse champion, UST, which garnered a total of 333 points to secure the throne, leaving DLSU at second best.


Women’s effort

In season 72, the male athletes of DLSU suffered a deadlock against bitter rival, ADMU, in the men’s division of the UAAP as both schools acquired a total of five medals and 113 points to wrap up their run.


The combined efforts of DLSU’s lady athletes, the Lady Archers, however, managed to pitch in 11 medals and 139 points and boost La Salle further into the competition.


But history repeated itself when the Archers failed to capitalize on the strong boost as La Salle only managed to garner 252 points. The Tigers, on the other hand, leapt forward to gain the crown once more with 305 points.


Lady Archers takeover

The Green Archers dropped once more as the male athletes fell, ranking fourth in the men’s division, only holding a total of 114 points as Ateneo, UP, and UST led in the competition.


The Lady Archers made a repeat of season 72, but this time, the ladies from Taft overwhelmed runners-up, UST and FEU, with a total of 11 medals and 151 points.


Even with the huge addition from the ladies, the UST Growling Tigers still reigned as the UAAP champion. UST capitalized on the men’s division, earning a total of 313 points to beat DLSU’s 263.


Within reach

Season 74 marked the year where the point differential between the Archers and the Tigers was at its lowest; 20 points or two games kept the current champion in the lead.


The Taft-based athletes collected a total of 18 medals with four gold medals giving them a score of 278.


The España-based squad also collected a total of 18 medals, eight of which were gold medals, as the Tigers outbidded the Archers once more with a 20-point lead.


Turning the tables

As the first semester sports of UAAP season 75 ended, DLSU found itself in the lead for the overall race for the first time in years with 11 medals and 152 points.


Current champion, UST, is now on the other side of the table as its teams have to catch up for the overall championship crown, but with seven medals, five of which are gold, and 144 points, the Growling Tigers will not be so keen as to hand the title over to DLSU.