MenagerieTen must-do things for every DLSU student
Ten must-do things for every DLSU student

This month, instead of bringing you hackneyed fables of heartbreak and finding oneself again, The Menagerie decides to present you a list of ten awesome things that are unique to the college experience that all Lasallians must definitely try before basking in the euphoria of finally earning a diploma. We classified half of these as risky while reserving the other half for the “try at your own risk” daredevils.


The Not-so-risky

1. Experience the mouthwatering Bacsilog of Agno, Italian Cheese of Toribox, BBQ of Noel’s, and Jawbreaker of Zark’s

Have you ever heard of that saying “A way to a Lasallian’s heart is through his or her stomach”? Probably not, but it’s true. As the number of freshmen enrolling in the University each year balloons (until 2016 that is), the demand for restaurants will surely increase to accommodate hungry mouths. The number of restaurant choices today has definitely widened, as compared to the 1980s, when there was only the college canteen and the newly opened McDonald’s Taft to choose from. Today’s eateries have mushroomed so much in number that most college students face more trouble than usual with the question “Saan tayo kakain?” (Where should we eat?) during mealtimes.

Alas, sometimes, even the most decisive person will not be so lucky, for his or her chosen restaurant is more or less already full, and the waiting time is just unrealistic. Since desperate times call for desperate measures, the smoke-filled Agno is usually the way to go. For only Php 65-80, a student can choose from a huge variety of viands to complete a rice meal. Throw in a couple more pesos and a drink goes into the mix as well. For the not-so-hungry student, snacks of different flavors await on the shelves of nearby tindahan; you simply must be patient in wading through the smoke and sweat.


2. Go through the tedium of MLS during enrollment/LEAP/posting of grades/TREDTWO registration/ and some other critical moments in your academic life

Ah yes, the beloved MLS. Known to Lasallians as My.LaSalle and sometimes mistakenly referred to as Major League Soccer by Facebook, MLS strives to be every student’s best friend during tedious days like cross-enrollment and the online viewing of grades.

But sadly, it fails. Horribly. Students drag themselves off early to bed in preparation for minutes of relentless clicking, hoping to bypass a thousand other sleepyheads who venture forth for the same reasons. Other braver souls endure the repercussions of skipping breakfast just to get ahead of other players. Slow hours pass when you actually get to the computer, but the situation remains the same whether you sleep at 9 pm or 2 am. Except for the fact that your Facebook wall is more inundated with irate comments about ‘Major League Soccer’.


3. Join an adventurous outdoor trip

In order to break the monotony of studying, various organizations inside DLSU plan exciting events and activities every term, such as parties, excursions, theatrical performances, and the like. After all, being cooped up in a classroom while facing a tall tower of books and readings day in and day out dries up a person’s juices pretty fast. Still, none of the things mentioned above carry the “oomph!” factor: for that “oomph!”, you may wish to try exploring the great outdoors.

Seriously though, what is the use of some “oomph!” when Lasallians, who are subjected to a trimestral system, usually blame their lack of social lives to a heavy academic workload that eats up their time? Well, that is where proper time and priority management enters the picture. Instead of squeezing in a crumby movie during midterm week, why not schedule an out of town trip on a long weekend? There are a lot of places in the country where one can go mountain climbing, hiking, or simply running. It may seem like too much of a sacrifice, but communing with nature does not stop at childhood, especially during the physical prime of college, with good company. Who knows, you may just find a place to release your stress along the way!


4. Be a serial cross enrollee

Inter college enrollment is usually done when a student runs out of subjects in his/her college. On the other hand, it is also used by devious people who desire to be with their crushes or avoid their frenemies in the same class. In the normal course of events, a student does not have to cross enroll too much.

Still, there are some people who enlist for courses on inter-college enrollment day just for the fun of it! Nicole Lin (II, CS-CSE), cross enrolls in at least two subjects every term. She shares, “Meeting new people is interesting, and I am always looking forward to work with them.” She also believes that cross enrolling makes her move more comfortably in the University, because knowing a wider range of people makes the Lasallian community more tightly knit and communal.


5. Brave the neverending Andrew stairs

It is your first class of the day and unfortunately, it is in the land of the froshies, the home of the longest elevator lines and taunting staircases. You arrive at the Andrew Building, the elevator line slowly approaching the entrance doors, and you only have 5 minutes before you are  considered tardy.

“Should I? Or shouldn’t I? Maybe I should. Or maybe I should just wait? Alright, DECIDE! Okay, it’s either I will be late for class or I will look like a sweaty pig from climbing these 13 floors, what will it be?”

This debate starts to fill your mind. But it is a debate that certainly defines a student. His or her class attendance depends on this decision: It’s either they face the staircase’s challenge or wait for the frustrating elevators and have their names marked forever (or at least just for the whole term). It is an expedition that only those with the bravest souls and the strongest legs can survive. Thousands have ventured upon this adventure and most have survived without a water break.

The first two or three stories are alright, you say to yourself, “I’m not even slightly tired.” So you continue and climb a few more, but then you seem to inhale more oxygen than normal, your legs feel like they’re made of lead, and spots start to envelop your sight. But you can’t stop now! Not with a few floors ahead and fellow challengers watching you! No, go further! Drag your limp legs up if you need to!

And once you arrive at the last 10 steps, you say, “Ah, those glorious steps!” You count as you go up, you heave and sigh in comfort, knowing that you have taken on the challenge and succeeded! Class-ho! You finally arrive at the last step, open the heavy exit door, run to your class and arriving in class just as your professor was getting his or her class list.


The Risky

(Warning: Perform at your own risk!)


1. Uphold critical thinking in class

Critical thinking and questioning are considered Lasallian values, so why not practice them efficiently by actively engaging your classmates and professor in class? Whether it`s proving the existence of stork- carrying babies or debunking the Law of Gravity, nothing brings the class into a stunning climax like a heated but properly moderated exchange of intellectual and relevant arguments. Just be sure to have all of your audacious claims covered with facts and due research, and before you know it, the scientific world will have a new theory named after you! There`s definitely no arguing about how awesome that sounds.


2. Express your fashion creatively

Mini skirts, tube tops, slippers, sleeveless clothing. These are just a few things that students cannot be caught wearing inside the University. So what, though? Hordes of students still believe in upholding their own fashion tastes, making DLSU a virtual fashion runway daily. The Lasallian Dress Code system being a hot issue is not new to us (ironically enough), despite the changes that were put into place during the last batch of student handbook revisions. Gutsy and fashion forward students continue to flirt with the limits of the rules, as well as the odds, just to see if they can make it past DLSU’s gates unscathed.

This is because DLSU is a University that does not require its students to come to class wearing uniforms. This lack of rigidity even serves as one of the remote reasons for students to pursue higher education at the University. Many students take pride in being fashionistas, with the University population carrying a population of fashion bloggers and Lookbookers who want to display their creativity both in and out of school.

Fashion 4.0, a blog that started back in 2010, features stylish images of students day in and day out. Of course, events such as fashion bazaars and parties are usually the best places to capture them. No matter what their intentions are (good natured or not), having a nice outfit will surely catch the eye of an intended audience. The usual t-shirt and jeans simply cannot do, nuh-uh! Some even pretend to be foreigners not knowing a word of English just to escape the discipline officers and live for another day. So after knowing all these things, would YOU be brave enough to strut your stuff?


3. Grievance

The latest edition of the DLSU student handbook defines grievance as “any controversy between a student as the aggrieved party and a member of the academic community as a respondent that may be the cause of such a complaint.”

Grievance cases are filed against professors and administrators by students mostly because of the behavior or teaching style of the faculty or their grading system. Perhaps there was an inconsistency in the syllabus, or a metric was not properly explained, or the professor is being entirely subjective without objective basis for the grading, beyond the limits of their academic freedom. Filing a grievance case is challenging a higher authority; contesting probably not only the professor’s teaching abilities but also his or her credibility as a professional.


4. Talk with a prof in Andrew’s faculty elevator

DLSU`s Froshland unleashes its wrath among the intrepid students who journeyed from the faraway lands of Yuchengco and St. La Salle. Its cumbersome stairs loom in an endless spiral, taunting students who were too impatient to wait for the elevator. And who could blame them? Students from different locales rush in front of the elevators as rambunctious froshies cut the line, causing them to wait in agony. But when the elevator doors finally open, the playful tune of the bell would reverberate across the hall. Alas, your time is up!

Think fast! Out of the corner of your eye, you get a glimpse of the Andrew elevator reserved for faculty and staff. It`s a stark contrast compared to the students’ elevators where everybody’s personal bubbles burst. You join the line of the faculty, dialogue in mind, and engage in small talk with one of them, someone perhaps who shares interest in your academic discipline.

You feel like celebrating when the professor invites you to continue your conversation inside the elevator! Congratulations, you just got a free pass to the faculty elevator. Like a prof!


5. Restrained PDPA

Stepping into the huge, threatening world of the University definitely requires some changes for everyone. At any point in college, a possible relationship with the opposite sex might come around, and you would not know what hit you, you suddenly become so freaking touchy. Suddenly, the phrase PDPA (Public Display of Physical Affection) enters your mind, and you cannot help but think of how a higher authority would make of your actions, especially if you are having a bad case of cabin fever.

Being away from home sparks cabin fever, which is defined as restlessness that results from the lack of environmental stimulation. Seeing as PDPA dates back from high school, it is tough to restrain it. While having it as a minor offense wards off some students from doing it, those who are gutsy enough still believe that PDPA is the perfect solution to all the stress they have. Still, how far is too far, when you are alone on the 7th floor of Yuchengco or in that dark corner of Mutien? Will regret be fast on its heels?