SportsEyes on the Prize: Judokas are in it to win it
Eyes on the Prize: Judokas are in it to win it

Entering Season 75 of the UAAP Judo Tournament, both the DLSU Green Judokas and the Lady Judokas had their eyes set on the championship, but revealed a disappointing subpar performance. This season, the Judokas are going back to square one, but their goal to get to the top of the league for the first time in history remains.

The Green Judokas finished at third place last season and although their finish was respectable, the Judokas were disappointed at themselves for not bringing home the championship trophy. Despite the turnout, the Green Judokas were still able to nab one gold and one silver medal during the tournament.

On the other hand, the Lady Judokas concluded the season by finishing at fourth place, while grabbing a gold and bronze medal in the process.


Recharged and refocused

Following last year’s performance, the DLSU Judokas are focused on the upcoming season of the UAAP and are eager to get back on the mat. Co-captain Mickey Regala, a fourth year veteran, will be one of the leaders of this year’s Judo squad in their quest to the top. Regala has his eyes set on the championship as he may very well be the first one to lead the Judo team to a championship.

“The team expects to put out our best and win the championship for our school this year,” says Regala. “It would be the greatest honor for our team to do so because no DLSU Judo team has produced a championship yet. We also have new recruits, which may give us an edge aside from the home grown players that we already have.”

The Judokas have been preparing heavily during the offseason and they have poured in a lot of time during this year’s summer training camp. They follow a strict schedule that consists of cardio and technique training thrice a day in one week. In addition, the team has been participating in local tournaments to give the players much needed exposure and practice.


The ultimate goal

The squad is composed of several players that may have differences with each other, but that is what makes the team unique. “We all tend to motivate each other, in training and outside of training,” says Regala. “We never fail to motivate each other during training especially when we have intensified training. We always cheer our teammates on.”

This year will be the last for the co-captain and several of the team’s other key players, and they vowed to give it their all as they try to capture that illusive UAAP title. Expect a hungrier and more dedicated Judo squad as the UAAP season comes along. “We work for each other to attain our ultimate goal, which is the UAAP championship,” Regala concludes.