SportsFarah Regis: Pumped up kicks
Farah Regis: Pumped up kicks
July 10, 2013
July 10, 2013

gg1Great people start out from humble beginnings. Athletes like Michael Jordan, Michael Phelps and Derek Jeter did not become the great men that they are by just lazing around every afternoon. They each worked on their skills from nothing before becoming the legends we know them to be.

The DLSU Lady Jins’ rookie Farah Regis is no exception to this. Taekwondo has been her sport since she was five years old and she says that it was her father who encouraged her to play the sport. She then kept at it, and come high school graduation, she found herself with a scholarship to one of the top universities in the nation thanks to her prowess in the martial art.

Much like any other athlete that competes in the collegiate level, Regis is no stranger to competitions that highlight the skills of a student of the martial arts. She shares that her most notable achievements are represented by the numerous gold medals that she has received from competing in several tournaments. She has gone to many places to compete, one of them being Chicago, USA. “Di naman siya malaking achivement pero big deal na sakin makacompete. I won a silver medal there,” shares Regis.

De La Salle University is reputedly one of the top schools when it comes to both academics and sports, and the popularity brought on by the latter helped Regis decide to take her talents to Taft Avenue. When asked why she chose DLSU as her new home, the young star answers, “Kasi known sila as the best team in taekwondo especially last year champion sila so medyo talagang inaaim ko makapasok sa the best”.

Of course this martial artist never forgets her roots. Regis attended Statesfield School before turning to the Green-and-White side for college. The school is located in the province of Cavite and she said that it may not be a well-known institution, but it is where she developed her skills and is very thankful to her Alma Mater.

The UAAP is where student athletes at the tertiary level come to shine and when asked about her expectations for her first season, she comments: “Magiging mahirap actually. Di ko alam kung magiging malaking contribution ako or magiging pabigat lang po pero I will try my best to contribute to the team. Sana magchampion din kami.

Though the first set of matches for the DLSU Jins will not begin until the month of September, Regis is already preparing for them. When she first steps on the mat will definitely be a sight to see for the Lasallian faithful.