SportsLSAL Updates: On expansion and rescheduling
LSAL Updates: On expansion and rescheduling
December 19, 2013
December 19, 2013


With the hoopla surrounding the DLSU Green Archers’ amazing run to the UAAP championship dying down, the focus has shifted back to the basketball court, though this time much closer to home.

The on-going La Salle Athletic League (LSAL) men’s basketball tournament features former high school and college varsity players, friends from student organizations, and DLSU Men’s Basketball Team B players itching to get on the court. It has grown into a more competitive and expanded tournament compared to the years before.

“Actually it’s the same, in terms of the structure,” says commissioner Bene Lopez. “But the difference right now is that we have more players, approximately 1,100 students who participated in just [men’s] basketball.”

When one hears about LSAL, the first thing that crosses your mind is basketball, but for this year, Lopez is pushing for an expansion, not only in the number of teams, but also in the sports that students can participate in. By this time next year, LSAL will play host to a different number of sports. As of now, the sports in LSAL are basketball, volleyball, and football, which will be played in a new venue this year.

“Last year, we didn’t have any field for football so sa BGC kami nag football,” Lopez says, adding that LSAL football will now be held at the Science and Technology Complex (STC) at Canlubang, which will also allow teams from Canlubang to participate.

Despite the growth that LSAL has achieved, the La Salle Sports Commission (LSSC) encountered problems in this year’s edition of the tournament, with the most prominent one being the scheduling of the games. With more than a thousand players from different colleges, conflicts ranging from academic concerns, storm surges, and even the Green Archers’ run to the UAAP Finals made it tough for the commission to finish at an earlier time.

“Nahirapan lang [kami] sa scheduling kasi mahirap na yung paresched ng paresched baka to the point na hindi na siya [the tournament] matapos,” Lopez says. “So I was strict with the rescheduling, na wala munang resched ng resched but I took into consideration if they told me that they had LASARE or may immersion. Like for example, ENGLICOM joined tapos sinabi nila na may teambuilding sila so we considered it.”

Even with the issues regarding rescheduling, the LSSC is still trying to find ways to make the tournament better for both its current and future participants. Before, the teams were based on a “per college, per batch” system but with the change to a “create your own team” format, more teams and players can now join.

“Basically, mas gusto namin siguro itarget yung frosh and I’ve heard na maraming frosh sumali [this year]. So yun yung target namin and if kaya naman namin 76 teams this year, siguro naman for next year, mas madami,” he says.

With the LSAL basketball tournament heading into the knockout rounds, the LSSC has already made plans to make this year’s edition a more interactive one. After a successful LSAL All Stars game last year, this year’s edition will be more than just a one day affair.

“Last year, LSAL All Stars was just a one day event with the Green Archers, now it’s a one week event with the Green Archers as well and then it’s going to be in the Central Plaza where we’ll have a number of different activities,” adds the LSAL commissioner, noting that registration for volleyball is currently on-going, assuring students that the LSAL will continue even after the basketball tournament ends.

This year’s edition of the LSAL has already had its highlights early in the season. Lopez mentions that aside from the cast of players including former varsity players from the high school ranks, DLSU Team B players who have yet to be called up for the Green Archers are playing in the tournament, honing their skills in the courts of the Enrique Razon Sports Complex before playing under the bright lights of the MoA Arena.

“May team composed of team B players like sina Terrence Mustre, the one from London, and teammate niya si Yankie Busil who is currently a sophomore,” he says, adding that the latter has provided some of the dunks that have been a hit on LSAL’s Instagram account.

Considering the influx of talent playing in the tournament both last and this year, Lopez believes that in the long run, the LSAL could become the breeding ground for future Green Archers.

“Last year, nagkaopen tryouts yung Team B and I told the LSAL players that there were tryouts and that they can go there and many went last year,” he says. “Now, there are 10 from last year na naging Team B so hopefully mag Team A sila.”