SportsSolutions for resolutions: The rise of CrossFit workouts
Solutions for resolutions: The rise of CrossFit workouts
March 1, 2015
March 1, 2015

Solutions for resolutions: The rise of CrossFit workouts

by Miguel Gayares


Whenever December ends, people tend to create resolutions to provide themselves with a goal, a mission, and a positive start at the beginning of the year. These resolutions are often composed of working harder, stopping vices, or even exploring the different adventures that life has to offer. One of the most popular resolutions to date however is having a better body and lifestyle for the rest of the year.

Usually, the people who create these resolutions that lean towards fitness and health find it hard to keep their newfound goal on track due to numerous reasons such as a busy schedule or the stagnant routine that gyms offer. This eventually bores those who are looking for a lifestyle change, thus, halting the resolution all together.

For those who are burdened with a heavy workload and a non-stop schedule, finding time to go to a gym can indeed be troublesome due to the lack of opportunities. On the other hand, for those who find gym workouts to be a stale repetition of movements, the emergence of CrossFit in the Philippines provides a solution for these dilemmas.


Tried and tested

Existing for over a decade, CrossFit is a physical exercise philosophy that originated in the United States through the minds of Greg Glassman and Lauren Jenai. And in 2007, the company branched out to competitions and expanded its identity as a fitness sport, which its members participate in on an annual basis. As time goes by, the sport eventually became recognized as the “CrossFit Games”, which also turned into a venue that determines the “Fittest man on Earth”.

To keep things interesting and competitive, in 2011, CrossFit, Inc. launched a worldwide online event called the “CrossFit Open” wherein athletes or members who are affiliated with the brand are given a workout to complete within several days. Participants will then upload their scores online together with a video of the workout being done and a validation from an official. Top performers from each region will then advance to regional events, which spans to over two months.


Local fitness

In the Philippines, CrossFit Manila (CFMNL) has been making waves since its arrival. Calling their workout venues as “boxes”, CFMNL currently has six boxes all over Metro Manila. These boxes are stationed in Alabang, Bonifacio Global City, Eastwood, Barangay Kapitolyo, Makati, and San Juan City wherein they operate from Mondays to Saturdays.

Workouts revolve around strength and conditioning programs, which is a mix of body weight exercises, weight lifting, gymnastics, aerobic exercises, and powerlifting. These daily workouts vary everyday to keep a well-rounded routine for its members as well as eliminate the chance for the program to go stale.

At the very least, a program is about an hour long and this already includes warm-ups, stretching, and the main routine for the day. Although unlike any other gyms and fitness centers, CrossFit utilizes its diversity through a program called “workout of the day” (WOD). WOD is what determines the members’ assignment for the day such that every session is focused on a different aspect of the body. Workouts can easily range from stamina building, strength training, abdominal workouts, and many more.

And in order to make the boxes more compelling, CrossFit lends its members additional equipment to help in their fitness journey. Equipment from different disciplines is used everyday to make sure that the goal or WOD is attained at the end of the session. From jump ropes, barbells, rowers, plyo boxes, and to everything else in between, CrossFit is on a mission to make workouts interesting and unpredictable with each passing day.


A workout just for you

Just like any other fitness program, CrossFit gives its members a wide array of classes wherein they can choose where to begin the first step to a healthier lifestyle.

The most basic of them all, FitKids MNL offers young teenagers a strength and conditioning program to develop their body in the early years of their growth. For those who are looking for a high-intensity workout, but are still beginners in the fitness scene, Striking MNL is perfect due to its nature of mixing martial arts and core workouts in a neat bundle.

Stepping it up from the basics, Bootcamp is perfect for those who are looking for a leaner body since this class focuses more on conditioning through Super Cardio workouts. Regular or beginner, Bootcamp is the advisable class for anyone who is interested in joining the community. Going to the next tier, Foundations class is there for those who are ready to take it to the highest level. This class teaches the basics of what the CrossFit class is all about, which means that this is all about the form and technique of the person working out. The CrossFit class will be the pinnacle of the company’s well-rounded workout programs. This includes everything from the lower tiers but with more emphasis on weightlifting, gymnastics, kettleball workouts, and running.

As the year slowly ticks down, resolutions are often left behind in the first month and forever forgotten until another year makes its approach. For people who made resolutions regarding fitness but find going to the gym a waste of time and a dull routine, CrossFit is now here in Manila and it is ready to keep everyone active in their boxes for a healthier and fitter year.