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Make Your Mama Pleased
May 9, 2015
May 9, 2015

“God could not be everywhere at once, so he gave every child a mother,” or so the Hasidic proverb goes.

But mothers come in variations. Is your mom the all-around house manager who never lets you leave the house without your clothes ironed? Or is she the workaholic mom who works on her power point presentation while she prepares your breakfast? Whichever she is, all moms share something in common – their job as a mother requires their full attention, 24/7.

In gratitude and honor of the work and effort being a full-time mother entails, it has become customary for children to prepare something special for Mothers’ Day. If you failed to mark this special event on your calendar, you might want to get some ideas from our fellow Lasallians who ensure their moms’ arms are not in the sink on this special day, and hear what they have to say about their beloved mothers.

Mother's Day


Household manager mom

There is not much difference between managing a household and running a restaurant. If it were the latter, it is easy to imagine her fulfilling the roles of manager, supervisor, and head cook, all at the same time. And usually, if no one’s washing the dishes, she’ll do that too. It’s not an easy task, and that’s why we understand why house moms get a little moody and cranky sometimes. Arielle (IV, CAM) shares about her own mother, “She gets cranky and whiny about everything either small or big, either about dirty dishes on the sink, or the remote being lost again (when it’s just beside her…).”

But even though they can be cranky sometimes, we can’t help but admit that they can also be the sweetest. Dan-Dan*, (III, PSM-LGL) shares, “Even though I’m stubborn, she still does sweet things to me, like surprise hugs and kisses.”

Being a homemaker takes a lot of patience, understanding, and hard work. That’s why Belle (IV, PSM-APC), who considers her mom as her best friend, is doing the ultimate bonding experience this Mother’s Day the way girls know how: shopping! On the other hand, Dan-Dan is planning on treating his mom to a foot spa and massage, which he thinks she’s going to love.


Workaholic mom

Your mom might be the type who manages to eat breakfast with you while she’s rushing to her 8 am appointment. She stays up late at night with you, but you would always stay up later because you’re a crammer and she isn’t. This is what Allen (BSA, ‘12) admires about his mother. “Her being a multi-tasker and a strong person [is what I really like about her]. Despite having problems with work, finances, and with us, she remains strong and never acts problematic.”

Ashley (VI, AB-POM) shares how her mother’s outgoing nature allows her to be more understanding with her situation as a teenager. “She’s strict, but not as strict as my dad… she’s thoughtful and more understanding as compared to dad.” She adds, “[My mom] does not spoil us, but she unexpectedly gives us something we want. “

When asked about her gifts, Ashley says that, aside from giving her gifts like new apparel and chocolates, she is also going to take her mom out for an intimate dinner, making the most out of their time for bonding.


Single parent mom

Imagine all the tasks our mothers have to accomplish in order to raise us well. Add in all the obligations and responsibilities of a father and you realize what single moms have to go through. Juggling the roles of both a mother and father for her children isn’t a joke as it entails a lot more difficulties. Milla (III, AB-PSM) shares how hard it is for her mom to make decisions without the help of her late father. She adds, “It’s very hard for her because she can’t get a second opinion.”

Single moms tend to be overprotective. She adds, “There was a time when we argued about me not being able to go out. I was starting to go out with guy friends, and it was a big deal ‘cause I came from an all-girls school.” However, she understands that her mom is only after her safety.

When asked about their plans for the special day, she said they will be going out for a dinner with some family friends. Making up for her late father, she adds, “I will also give her a letter. I always do it during Mothers’ day.”


Overseas mom

Mothers who pursue their career abroad do not only face the challenges of surviving in a foreign land, but also the sadness that comes from being homesick and away from the rest of the family. John (III, AB-POM), whose mom is currently teaching abroad, says, “It really makes her happy when we make time for video calls.”

Moms working abroad become very appreciative of the little gestures their children do. When asked about his plans for Mothers’ day, John says, “We usually send our gifts like statement shirts saying World’s Best Mom.” He also adds that all his mom wants is to be tagged in photos of him and his siblings together on Facebook.


Late mom

It’s hard when your mom is on the other side of the globe, but it’s even harder when you know she is nowhere in this world anymore. The mourning is a lifelong process, and when events like birthdays, graduation, and Christmas come about without her there, the bereavement comes as if the tragedy just happened yesterday.

Instead of lighting candles, Matthew (III, MKT), whose mom died when he was just 14, leaves a box of matches and few sticks of cigars. He explains, “Flowers are too mainstream. I brought her cigs because she was a chain smoker when she was still alive.”

Prior to your existence is your mother’s choice to conceive you, carry you in her womb for months, bring you out to this world, and take care of you for as long as you wish. So while you’re busy growing up, don’t forget that your mom and dad are growing old as well. Take time to express your gratitude every now and then, while you can. As the quote says, “A mother is she who can take all the places of others but her place is not taken by anyone.”

Happy Mom’s Day!