UniversityPRESS RELEASE: EXCEED 2015 – Accounting Amidst the Changing Technological Landscape
PRESS RELEASE: EXCEED 2015 – Accounting Amidst the Changing Technological Landscape
October 2, 2015
October 2, 2015

In 2011, the Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants – De La Salle Chapter (DLSU-JPIA) launched its first ever accounting convention, In Focus. The following year the convention was renamed EXCEED and has been retained ever since. EXCEED has now grown into a convention that includes a business case competition, tapping different participants all over Luzon. With EXCEED, the organization aims to promote the personal growth of accountancy students by exposing them to the actual business practices, current issues and developments in the accounting profession. Going beyond the traditional learning in schools, this event provides an avenue for delegates to interact with fellow accountancy students and relate with different professionals from the government, commerce and industry, academe and public practice. In line with celebrating its 60th year of excellence, JPIA-DLSU hopes to reach another milestone in its history with its 5th Accounting Convention, EXCEED 2015: Accounting Amidst the Changing Technological Landscape. EXCEED is designed to have two major activities: the Accounting Challenge and the Convention Proper.

EXCEED 2015 Theme

Over the past several years, technology has been one of the most powerful and pervasive factors influencing the accounting profession. It has essentially transformed underlying task procedures, and greatly improved the efficiency and productivity of the entire work process. Whether it be transacting business with partners or exchanging information with clients, technology has played a significant role on a considerable scale. Trends such as cloud, mobile, social media and Big Data has transform the way accountants do service now.


In light of the advantages, firms are also confronted with the difficult task of determining the most suitable technology to be used and recognizing the proper time for its implementation. Accounting educators and professionals alike must also learn to cope with the changing landscape of the accounting field by constantly acquiring and updating new skill sets and employing more data analysis. In a similar manner, the accounting education would necessitate restructuring in order to train quality accountancy graduates to respond to the ever-changing needs of the business era and fully reap the benefits of technology. Hence, this year’s EXCEED aims to provide the future business leaders of this country a better understanding on how technology continues to shape the accounting profession.

Accounting Challenge

The EXCEED Accounting Challenge is conceptualized to motivate graduating accounting students to challenge their intellectual dimensions and critical thinking skills. This challenge is a two-part competition: the elimination round and the final round. During the elimination round, the twenty (20) teams will battle in a two-part sub-competitions, an amazing race and a mini-case presentation, which shall serve as an avenue for accounting students to showcase both their physical and mental skills. Their knowledge on accounting board topics as well as their strategy, teamwork and cooperation will be tested The final round will be a business case competition wherein the top five (5) teams will have to solve the case given to them. The business case is based on a technology-related company, where the teams are given an opportunity to have in-depth knowledge on through company tour and interviews. The elimination round will be conducted on October 24, 2015 while the final round will be held on November 6 and 7, 2015 at De La Salle University-Manila.

Convention Proper

The Convention Proper intends to widen the participants’ knowledge on the issues revolving around the main theme. It will start with the plenary session in the morning to give the students with a brief description of the theme and the day’s activities. Distinguished speakers shall be invited to share their valuable insights on specific topics regarding the theme. In the afternoon, delegates will be given the chance to attend simultaneous classes, each of which covers different specialized topics under the broad arena of the accounting. Topics include information technology (IT) audit, IT assurance/advisory, mock audit and forensic audit. The convention will then end with policy paper presentations. This year’s EXCEED offers a new activity for convention delegates through the Policy Paper Competition. This competition recognizes the role of accountancy students as future business leaders and policy makers. The top finalists from online submission entries will be presenting their policy paper on the convention day itself. The convention is set on November 7, 2015 at Henry Sy Sr. Hall 5th floor, De La Salle University-Manila.
Contact Details

For inquiries, please contact Diane Nicole Go (Exceed 2015 Accounting Convention Head) at 09234610050 and Armae Merilleno (Exceed 2015 Accounting Challenge Head) at 09209737903.