UniversityLA passes resolution on tuition fee board, elects officers
LA passes resolution on tuition fee board, elects officers
November 30, 2015
November 30, 2015

The University Student Government (USG) Legislative Assembly (LA) convened for its first and last session for this term last November 27 at the USG Conference Room.

During the session, the body’s first resolution for the academic year was deliberated on and later passed. Resolution 2015-01, which calls for the inclusion of different representatives from the student sector in the Tuition Fee Board under the Office of the Executive Treasurer (OTREAS), was authored by the LA’s Rules and Policies Committee.

Currently, the student representatives to the Multi-Sectoral Committee on Student Fees (MSCSF) include USG President Pram Menghrajani, USG Executive Treasurer Zed Laqui, and Head of Research for Tuition Fee Proposal Patricia Sario. The MSCSF, an avenue for different stakeholders in the University to discuss and deliberate on tuition fees as well as tuition fee increases for the following year, is composed of members from the USG, Parents of University Students Organization, Faculty Association, Employees Association, and the administration (headed by the Vice Chancellor for Academics).

For its part, the OTREAS and its Tuition Fee Board conduct research regarding the tuition fee increase. The resolution calls for representatives from the Council of Student Organizations, Cultural and Arts Office, Student Media Office, Office of Sports Development, and the Council of Religious Organization of Students to be sent to the Tuition Fee Board.

This year's LA top officers were elected in a separate session last November 9.

The LA’s top officers for this academic year were elected in a separate session last November 9.

During the session, the LA also elected its officers for its three sub-committees for the academic year:

Rules and Policies Committee

  • Chairperson: Julio Ponce (67th ENG)
  • Vice Chairperson: Andrew Militante (EXCEL2018)
  • Secretary: EJ Labios (FOCUS2015)

Students’ Rights and Welfare Committee

  • Chairperson: Ryan Chu (68th ENG)
  • Vice Chairperson: Igi Natanauan (BLAZE2017)
  • Secretary: Jasmina Afurong (FAST2012)

National Affairs Committee

  • Chairperson: Natasha Athab (FAST2013)
  • Vice Chairperson: Isabel Pablo (FOCUS2014)
  • Secretary: Jolo Gonzalez (CATCH2T16)

The LA’s top officers had been elected in a separate session last November 9. Patrick Alcantara (BLAZE2016) was elected as Chief Legislator, while Jorge Francisco (CATCH2T18) and Kevin Tan (EXCEL2015) were elected as Majority and Minority Floor Leaders, respectively.


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