SportsRaffy Villavicencio: Lasallian through and through
Raffy Villavicencio: Lasallian through and through
March 6, 2016
March 6, 2016

Faith, Service, and Communion. These three values are what the Lasallian brothers try to instill in their students from the moment they enter the doors of a Lasallian institution.

Faith is believing that we are here for a higher purpose, God. Service, to remind us that we aren’t here on earth for ourselves, but here to be in the service of others. Communion because we are never alone and there will always be someone to guide us along the way.

Lasallian Raffy Villavicencio takes these values to his heart years after his final year in school. A proud alumnus, he completed both his primary and secondary education at La Salle Green Hills, graduating in 1984. Currently, he runs and owns a business, FilOil, which is a downstream oil provider that competes with the likes of Shell, Petron, and Caltex.

Aside from this, he is a big supporter of the development of the sports programs at DLSU. As a patron for many of the school’s sports teams, most notably the Green Archers, he can be seen on the bench keenly observing games while cheering on his alma mater.

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A Lasallian Upbringing

What led Villavicencio to this path of giving back to La Salle? For him, it’s simple; it’s a chance to give back to the school that taught him many of the things he knows today.

Being exposed and immersed in the Lasallian culture at a very young age, Villavicencio believes that La Salle was what developed the foundation for who he is today. In his eyes, his Lasallian education has been vital to his success.

“My Lasallian education has taught me how to face life in a proper perspective,” he explained. “It made me become a better and more well rounded person which is very important in facing the challenges of daily life.”

For this reason, he wants his children to experience and learn the same things he did at an early age. When asked if a Lasallian education was a priority within his family, his answer was firm and sure.

“Yes, I definitely would want my children to to study in La Salle.”  He continued saying, “I have three boys, [and] two are graduates of LSGH and are currently finishing their tertiary education at DLSU. My youngest son, Alfonso, who is seven years old is in Grade 1 and studies at LSGH, as well.”

While La Salle prepared him for life by implanting in him values and intangibles that cannot be quantified, he does believe that La Salle taught him well, too. In his opinion, the Lasallian brothers run good schools that produce good students. Though Villavicencio got his college degree from the University of the Philippines, he believes that his Lasallian beginnings have helped him immensely.

He elaborated, “My Lasallian upbringing has helped me build my business ventures. The entrepreneurial training, I learned through my education became the backbone of my business principles.”


Giving Back to the Community

The learnings he picked up in his formative years are the same things that keep him going today. Attributing it to La Salle, he believes in helping the marginalized members of society, “The spirit of helping the less fortunate, which was instilled during the years of my education became my foundation in life.”

Furthermore, Villavicencio chooses to give back to the community that has given him so much. He explained, “I can say that the success of my business endeavors is attributed from my Lasallian training and education. Giving back and sharing the blessings in life is a must, but it has to be done properly.”

For him, helping the less fortunate is a bonus and a blessing that comes with the life God has given him. He continued, “I share my blessings by providing athletic scholarships and giving livelihood to the needy.” With it, though, he believes he changes a life by not giving away help but instead, providing the less fortunate a platform for change and the betterment of their life, “I truly believe that it is better to educate and teach a person to work and earn a living rather than by giving away dole outs.”

Raffy Villavicencio is a true green blooded Lasallian. By continuing the tradition of Saint John Baptist de La Salle, he lives a life that improves the wellbeing of others and gives hope along with the Animo spirit to people who are in difficult times.