SportsRedefining basketball fashion with Mayhem Tour
Redefining basketball fashion with Mayhem Tour
January 27, 2017
January 27, 2017

Mayhem Tour, as it is called, is a fashion brand founded by Behavioral Science Majors Paulo Punla, Aldrich Lee, Dominique Tobari, and International Studies Alumnus Jason Arneson. With the continuous rise of online shopping, they are a few of the many student entrepreneurs who have taken the plunge into the field of commerce. They not only balance their academic and social lives, but also have the task of coordinating and satisfying their different stakeholders.

Despite only being launched last December 2016, the brand has already made waves on social media, with DLSU Green Archers Abu Tratter, Aljun Melecio, Ben Mbala, and Kib Montalbo endorsing their new styles. The brand’s list of ambassadors has slowly been growing, with the addition of former La Salle center, Arnold Van Opstal.


AS AN AVID follower of the Green Archers, it is no surprise that Punla launched a basket-ball oriented clothing line.

AS AN AVID follower of the Green Archers, it is no surprise that Punla launched a basket-ball oriented clothing line.

Same field, new approach

Punla shares that he picked up experience in the business scene of clothing as he used to import Kanye West’s Life of Pablo Merchandise. On the other hand, his artistic side was developed through another company he works for, Hype Sports. “I’m also a creative director for a sports agency that handles different premier athletes. [It’s called] Hype Sports.” He clarifies that he has forgone doing the prior, however, to be able to focus on doing the latter along with Mayhem Tour. 

To those who may know Punla personally, it is no surprise that he launched a basketball-oriented clothing line as he is a diehard follower of the Men’s Basketball team. He has been supporting La Salle vividly in the UAAP since he came to Taft in 2011. “I would watch most of the games supporting the boys. It’s crazy exciting, especially to see your friends play,” he proudly shares.

The idea of launching a new brand came into his mind while he was taking a stroll at the Mall of Asia Arena prior to one of La Salle’s games in the first round of UAAP Season 79. Amazed by the hype and support for the Green Archers, he thought, “Wow, these boys [the players of DLSU] are like rock stars. Seeing a kid wearing a [Ben] Mbala shirt and a grandpa rocking a ‘Team Mayhem’ shirt.” The Behavioral Science Major explains further, saying, “The merchandise is a hit just like a rock concert back in the 1980s.”

At that moment, Punla had the thought of fusing together his interests. “Ironically, I was listening to Metallica and wearing a shirt with the Ride the Lightning design from one of their albums,” he recalls. He also mentions that the brand also drew inspiration from the likes of Guns N’ Roses, and Justin Bieber’s Purpose Tour.

Currently, Mayhem Tour primarily offers what are known as Destroyer Jackets.  They are patterned after a combination of the bomber and varsity styles. They also offer baseball caps, which feature embroidered designs.




Ambitious goals 

As to their plans of expanding, Punla says that they are possibly looking at adding shirts and hoodies to their future collection. He also explains that they are hopeful with regard to forming collaborations with different brands. 

With the immediate hit of its merchandise in Taft Avenue, Mayhem Tour is also eyeing to expand further. Although its founders aim to cater to the students of the different UAAP universities, they do not plan to stop there. They are also determined to become a globally recognized street wear brand with the likes of Supreme, Fear of God, and Off White, while continuing to boast their signature styles.

“I talked with a few players from different universities in the UAAP and they’re pretty stoked that something like this is actually happening so I’m really leaning towards making it work. Anything can happen. [We’re] never gonna settle for one,” Punla ambitiously says.