UniversityDLSU CSO recognizes outstanding Lasallians in 42nd Lasallian Excellence Awards
DLSU CSO recognizes outstanding Lasallians in 42nd Lasallian Excellence Awards
August 6, 2017
August 6, 2017

As the academic year nearly concludes, outstanding faculty, students, and organizations were recognized at the Council of Student Organization’s (CSO) 42nd Lasallian Excellence Awards (LEA) held last August 4 at the 18th floor Natividad Fajardo-Rosario Auditorium of the Br. Andrew Gonzalez Hall. With the theme “Kaleidoscope: Leadership in Different Colors and Perspectives”, LEA depicts various types of student leaders who have expressed “great initiative for development and change in various fields inside and outside of the University.”

LEA is an annual event that “represents a long-lasting legacy of excellence passed down through generations of Lasallian leaders throughout the history of the University.” It serves as a celebration of bona fide services from both individuals and organizations, guided by the “embodying principles of faith, service, and communion.”

According to Events Assistant Director Ricah De Guzman, it is important to acknowledge members of the DLSU community. She expresses, “By doing so, we honor the efforts they (awardees) put into service to provide an opportunity for students to develop their leadership skills and explore their capacity as a Lasallian leader.”


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Award Giving Bodies

Winners were assessed and selected by the Award Giving Bodies (AGB) that aim to search and grant recognition to educators, students, and organizations who “exemplify hard work and excellence for God and country, showcasing to the Lasallian community the fruits of their labor.”

The AGB consists of three essential award components: Harvest of Winners (HOW), The Outstanding Coeds, The Outstanding Young Men (TOC-TOYM), and the Students’ Search for Outstanding Teachers (SSOT).

The DLSU Economics Organization bagged the Outstanding Professional Organization Award, while Dether Marco Marinda won first place in The Outstanding Coeds, The Outstanding Young Men category. Finally, Ms. Maria Corazon Colendrino won the grand prize in the Students’ Search for Outstanding Teachers.

The full list of winners can be found below:

Students’ Search for Outstanding Teachers (SSOT)

Grand Winner – Ms. Maria Corazon C. Colendrino

Br. Andrew Gonzales College of Education – Ms. Maria Corazon C. Colendrino

College of Computer Studies – Mr. Roger Luis T. Uy

College of Liberal Arts – Ms. Jaymee Abigail K. Pantaleon

College of Science – Dr. Esperanza G. Cabrera

Gokongwei College of Engineering – Engr. Bernardo A Lejano

Gokongwei College of Engineering STC – Dr. Vergel Bungay

Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business – Mr. Raymond D. Paderna

School of Economics – Dr. Angelo A. Unite and Dr. Myrna S. Austria

The Outstanding Coeds, The Outstanding Young Men (TOC – TOYM)

1st – Marinda, Dether Marco M.

2nd – Soriente, Relian Edgar C.

3rd – Esmile, Iana Cassandra Y.

4th – Lubag, Justine Anne C.

5th – Belleza, Arabela S.

6th – Mendoza, Tereynz Paul D.

7th – Lascano, Jose Anthony D.

8th – Ong, Jan Michael D.

Harvest of Winners (HOW) – INDIVIDUALS

Harvest of Winners – Outstanding Executive Vice President

1st – Sadang, Elaine Danielle P.

2nd – Ang, Vince Laurrence G.O.

3rd – Syfu, Chris Nicolo L.

Harvest of Winners – Outstanding Vice President

1st – Lee, Mary Ellen R.

2nd – Alibutud, Christine Joyce S.R.

3rd – Co, Sophia Beatrice A.

Harvest of Winners – Outstanding Assistant Vice President

1st – Caringal, Patricia Marie, A.

2nd – Tadi, Riva Donia C.

3rd – Chen, Dorothy Jem O.

Harvest of Winners – Outstanding Secretary

1st – Quiambao, Theriza Anne T.

2nd – Herrera, Chester T.

3rd – Isleta, Jonathan Sebastian P.

Harvest of Winners – Outstanding Treasurer

1st – Quing, Marian Jessica L.

2nd – Ong, Jan Michael D.

3rd – Perez, Jenard Matthew G.

Harvest of Winners – Outstanding CSO Vice Chairperson

1st – Omolida, Henrinna Mae S.

2nd – Inocencio, Celcia Jane R.

Harvest of Winners – Outstanding CSO Associate Vice Chairperson

1st – Vasquez, Margreth P.

2nd – Culata, Rica S.

3rd – Resultay, Ma. Adrienne Kristelle D.

Harvest of Winners – Outstanding CSO Associate

1st – Malimata, Joseph Danielle Stephen R.

2nd – Mojica, Hordy C.

3rd – Rodriguez, Elijah John S.


Harvest of Winners – Outstanding Academic Program/Contest

1st – Tutorial Aptitude Program (ECONORG)

2nd – CES Finals Reviewer (CES)

3rd – LBYCVS1 Fieldtrip (CES)

Harvest of Winners – Outstanding Special Interest Activity

1st – Ebb and Flow: Surfing at Zambales (OC)

2nd – Gradient (ECONORG)

3rd – It’s GuluGOOD to be Back (OC)

Harvest of Winners – Outstanding Organization Collaboration

1st – Binondo Tour & Photowalk (TEAMCOMM & ENGLICOM)

Harvest of Winners – Outstanding International Activity

1st – Young Economists’ International Conference (ECONORG)

Harvest of Winners – Outstanding University Collaboration

1st – Trade Off: DLSU goes to ADMU and UA&P goes to DLSU (ECONORG)

Harvest of Winners – Outstanding Fund Raising Activity

1st – BMS Cares: Barya Mo Sulit (BMS)

2nd – Freedom Film Festival 4: Ticket Selling (TEAMCOMM)

Harvest of Winners – Outstanding Conference/Convention

1st – Leadership Symposium 2016 (BMS)

2nd – AdX Shift: Gone Digital (ADCREATE)

3rd – Young Economists’ International Conference (ECONORG)

Harvest of Winners – Outstanding Issue Advocacy

1st – Young Economists’ Convention YEC InfoBits (ECONORG)

Harvest of Winners – Outstanding Community Engagement

1st – Economics Scholarship Program (ECONORG)

2nd – MOBS3: A Spooktacular Day: Halloween Party with kids (MAFIA)

Harvest of Winners – Outstanding Seminar/Workshop

1st – Frosh Acquaintance (ECONORG)

2nd – Technical Writing Workshop 2016 (CES)

3rd – Technical Workshop (ECONORG)

Harvest of Winners – Outstanding Outreach Activity

1st – Computer Literacy Program (LSCS)

2nd – Project Exodus (MAFIA)

3rd – AdCreate Foundation (ADCREATE)

Harvest of Winners – Outstanding Lasallian Formation/Spiritual Growth Activity

1st – IEnspire (IMES)

Harvest of Winners – Outstanding Organizational Development Activity

1st – Junior Officer Training Program (BMS)

2nd – MaFia General Assembly (MAFIA)

3rd – CES Junior Officer Training (CES)

Harvest of Winners – Outstanding Minor Publication

1st – Double Rule Magazine Distribution (JPIA)

Harvest of Winners – Outstanding Professional Organization

1st – Economics Organization (PROBE)

Harvest of Winners – Outstanding Socio-civic/Special Interest Organization

1st – DLSU Filipino and Chinese Organization ENGLICOM (ASPIRE)

2nd – Outdoor Club (ASPIRE)