SportsJordan Bartlett: Making the Switch
Jordan Bartlett: Making the Switch
September 13, 2018
September 13, 2018

Jordan Bartlett, a Business Management major, is one of the Green Archers’ prized recruits this offseason. While he has to sit out this Season 81, the transferee is eager to prove his potential in his first season for DLSU.

Bartlett began playing in the UAAP last Season 80 with the National University Bulldogs in which he averaged 5.5 points, 1.5 rebounds, 1.3 assists and 0.5 steals in 11.3 minutes of action. Looking to improve from his first season in the UAAP, Bartlett transferred from the Bulldogs to DLSU in hopes that this will be the best fit for him and his playing style.


Moving to Taft

Bartlett, who is all too familiar with traveling and transferring, first came from the United States where he played in Saint James High School before moving here to the Philippines and playing one year of basketball in NU. After yet another switch to the Green Archers, Bartlett is now looking for a home here in Taft Avenue.

The switch from NU to La Salle has been an easy transition so far for Bartlett as he says, “Everything is going well and the transition has been really smooth.” Bartlett is hoping that Taft can be a place he calls home.

Adjusting to a different environment once more may be a tough obstacle to face, but the point guard is eager for the challenge and to finally find a role with the Green Archers.



A year to improve

Missing Season 81 of the UAAP due to residency, Bartlett has a year to improve on his game, and of course himself as a teamplayer for the Green-and-White. With a lot of time on his hands, Bartlett decided to not waste any minute of it. He would not only improve his strengths, but also build on his weaknesses to make sure that he is ready to play ball whenever the team would need him.

Moreover, Bartlett states that maximizing his skills and potential to help win back the championship for the Green Archers is one of the biggest factors that drives him to become better in his one year of residency. “So anything i can do on and off the court to help guide the people around me or just make the right decisions to get to that goal is what I’m going to be focused on,” Bartlett adds.

Aside from Bartlett, there is a new wave of talent coming up in the Green Archers’ roster. With talents such as Tyrus Hill, Brandon Bates, Josh Cagulangan, Kurt Lojera, and so much more, Bartlett firmly believes that he would definitely bring something different to the team. He thinks that he is skilled offensively and defensively, but bringing about the energy in the team would be his specialty, “I’m going to be the guy that will bring energy in any way that coach needs me.”

Not playing for the Green Archers for this Season 81 does not hinder Bartlett from supporting his brothers and wanting to show the Lasallian community what they are capable of. “I’m really excited especially this year, those guys are my boys and I’ll be definitely going to see them put up some numbers this year and you guys should be ready to watch too,” he further explains.

Also, with captain Kib Montalbo playing his last season in Season 81, Barlett will be more than ready to be part of a group that will try to replace the energy and intensity as a point guard for the Green Archers in Season 81.

Lastly, Bartlett adds that he is looking forward to more leagues and tournaments such as the Milcu tournament to not only get used to the Philippine way of basketball, but also build on that chemistry that would help bring back the crown to Taft in the next seasons of the UAAP.