SportsUAAP 81 Second Semester: DLSU teams ready to make their mark
UAAP 81 Second Semester: DLSU teams ready to make their mark
December 17, 2018
December 17, 2018

With the second semester of the University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP) Season 81 just around the corner, various Lasallian teams have been tirelessly preparing to don the Green-and-White once again and bring glory to the school. The LaSallian sits down with athletes from teams competing in the second semester of UAAP 81 to talk about their goals heading into their respective tournaments.


Determined Green Booters

Going into the season, the Green Booters are optimistic, as they bagged the championship in the Ang Liga preseason tournament. The team hopes to carry their momentum and continue their winning ways in the UAAP Men’s Football Tournament.

According to second-year midfielder Mateo Alegre, apart from displaying their ability to win, they want to show everyone how well they have bonded as a unit. He states, “One of our goals for the season is to grow more as a team. We want to show that we are more than just a football team; we want to show that we are a family.”

Despite losing many key players, the team remains determined as they have a talented pool of rookies that are ready to step up for La Salle. With this, their main goal for the season is to bring glory back to DLSU Football and become the champions of the UAAP.


Lady Booters looking ahead

After achieving back-to-back championships last season, the Lady Booters aim to defend their crown and win their third straight title in the coming season.

Ready to lead the team to women’s football supremacy yet again, team captain Kyra Dimaandal expresses her credence in the team, “I hope the rate at which we’re growing now continues because I see so much great things ahead if we keep it this way.”

Dimaandal hopes to keep all of the players “on the same page” in order to continue their growth and eventually attain the three-peat.


Green Batters’ positivity

As perennial contenders to the UAAP Baseball Championship, the Green Batters continue to carry a positive outlook heading into Season 81. Losing to the AdU Soaring Falcons in last year’s finals did not dishearten the team, as it only fueled their desire to make a comeback.

For team captain Ignacio Escaño, the team’s success can be attributed to the hard work they exerted in the months of preparation leading to each season. No matter the adversity they are faced with, the team remains confident in their work ethic. Escaño states, “Every year I feel like the goal of the team will always remain the same, and that’s to win the championship. All the sacrifices and work we put in day in and day out in the months that build up to the season put the current team in a position to achieve that goal. No matter what the circumstance and condition our team is in, our goal will always remain the same.”



Mindset is key for Lady Batters

Despite the team’s standings in the previous seasons of the UAAP, the Lady Batters remain grounded and determined in continuously improving as a team. Every year, the players always encourage each other to keep a positive mindset.

Lady Batter Raisa Joseph states, “We aim to develop our relationship as a team and work together to support one another throughout the season.” As their relationship as a team has improved, the team also aims to make a top four finish.

Optimism and continuing their culture of encouragement will be key in the Lady Batters’ Season 81 campaign.


Green Spikers to change things up

For the last four consecutive seasons, the Green Spikers have placed sixth overall in the Men’s Volleyball Tournament of the UAAP.

Having placed under three different coaches for the last five years, Season 81 would be coach Norman Miguel’s second year of coaching the Green Spikers in hopes to solidify the system of the players to produce better performance this upcoming February.


Lady Spikers aim to continue reign

As one of the most anticipated teams every season, the Lady Spikers are geared up and ready to continue their three-peat streak as the defending volleyball champions this Season 81.

With the loss of key players Majoy Baron, Kim Kianna Dy, and last year’s Finals Most Valuable Player, Dawn Macandili, the current roster of the very decorated coach Ramil De Jesus will have to try to fill the gaps that these players have left.

Athletes such as Desiree Cheng and Michelle Cobb will spearhead the Lady Spikers, along with team captain Aduke Ogunsanya. This season, they will try to clinch a rare four-peat in the UAAP.  Along with the veterans are new recruits of De Jesus such as Michelle Morente, who was vital in the performance of the Lady Spikers during the Beach Volleyball Tournament last October.


Green Tennisters look to make better results

Since Season 79, the Green Tennisters have stood in the podium, finishing third overall. Despite their preparations and confidence in doing better last Season 80, at the end, they still maintained their spot with a bronze medal.

With the loss of last year’s team captain, Kyle Parpan, and teammates LA Cañizares and Qoqo Allian, it would be up to star players like Betto Orendain to continue the legacy the three have left the team.


Continuing the momentum for the Lady Tennisters

Placing third like their male counterparts, the Lady Tennisters are hoping to play as they did last year. Not wanting to place last like how they finished in UAAP Season 79, team captain Rachelle De Guzman and her team did not let their shortage of players get the best of them as they clinched bronze last season.

Nonetheless, the Lady Tennisters will be losing Nikki Arandia, while the status of whether or not De Guzman will be exhausting her last playing year in Season 81 is still uncertain.

With La Salle as one of the top contenders for the General Championship (GC) after the first semester sports, these athletes will try to contribute as much points to bring back the GC to Taft once more. The second semester sports of UAAP Season 81 will begin on the 14th of February.