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Abigail Quirong
The leading women of our history
Feature // January 19, 2018

Coy, timid, and reserved, she fans herself gently with a wooden hand fan, speaking softly without meeting your eyes.  An image that represents the Filipina virtue is often summarized with a single iconic name: Maria Clara. Her attributes are deeply embedded into our culture; the ideal woman should be dutiful, responsible, and most importantly, the…

Morality and man: The story of an ER worker
Feature // November 13, 2017

A doctor’s workday consists of a busy line of people looking for answers: How long does it take to heal?  What treatment would you recommend?  Would you please have a look at this X-ray? But across various tropes in popular culture and proclamations televised on screen, more often than not, the four walls of a…

Writer’s Recap: Geek Day 2017
Writer's recap // October 12, 2017

A sudden flash of bright-colored wigs here, an assortment of oversized props over there; these are the telltale signs that yes, you’ve found yourself in the midst of a geek gathering. Pop culture enthusiast or not, one cannot help but be drawn to the flurry of excitement. Be it the intricate costumes, themed merchandise, or…

The truth behind mental hospitals
Feature // September 27, 2017

Some call it a madhouse, a theater for the freak shows, or a home for the misfits, but the truth is, one would find themselves walking along the halls of what seems to be a hybrid of a nature-filled retreat house, a white-walled hospital, and a prison with rooms for isolation. On the outside, it…

Turning pages: The coming of age of YA
Feature // August 29, 2017

There’s a subtle moment, a turning point in time when a chapter of memorable firsts transformed one’s period of youth into an age of maturity—the time when a first heartbreak, first love, and first dream were more than just parts of a story, they were beginnings.  With arms opened wide and eyes closed, the first…

The 23rd Metro Manila Pride Festival: Here together
Feature Writer's recap // June 29, 2017

Last June 24, 2017, the 23rd Metro Manila Pride March was held in the streets of Marikina City. It was a sight to behold; boisterous laughter and joyous chanting filled the air as thousands of people gathered together in front of the Marikina City Hall. The usually dull grounds of the city hall were now…