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Addy Binoya
Stripped bare: Us through the panorama of self-love
Feature // February 14, 2019

To love is a fundamental necessity—one that is patent and true. It is what makes people feel at one with life, sparking light in the world even in its most hopeless corners. But to love oneself and all of our parts as a whole is still the ultimate challenge. Each one of us interpret and…

Left behind: The haunting era of ghosting culture
Feature // February 13, 2019

Ghosts are no longer just wispy shapes in our peripheral vision. Ghosts don’t stay behind the creaking doors and dilapidated footsteps anymore as the clock ticks. Ghosts are now living persons hiding behind messages left on “seen”, questions left unanswered, and issues left undiscussed. Both, though, leave behind the same ripples of distress and curiosity—haunting…

Liwanag: The iconic Lasallian Christmas tree
Feature // December 17, 2018

Amidst the scramble of students trying to finish course requirements, a sure sign of the coming holiday is when decorations start popping up in our University. Every year, decorative pieces adorn the campus, giving the University a beautiful atmosphere once it lights up. Perhaps the most iconic decoration in our campus is the Christmas Tree…

LSDC-Folk’s Gunita: A deepening and strengthening of cultural heritage
Writer's recap // December 2, 2018

Craft. Technique. Elegance. It was indeed a night worth remembering; an aesthetically pleasing array of performances that when witnessed, definitely adheres to one’s mind. The group of artistically inclined individuals that is the La Salle Dance Company-Folk (LSDC-Folk) showcased phenomenal performances of folk and tribal dances in Gunita, a celebration of their sixth year anniversary,…

Grasping the past: An inside look on LSDC Folk dance concert anniversary
Feature // November 24, 2018

The history of Philippine folk dance dates back to our roots as a people, and it continues to flow well in the current of our culture. Reflecting the richness of our heritage, folk dancing still retains its ties to the past whilst evolving into something more generation after generation. Once again, the La Salle Dance…

Office of Counseling and Career Services: Willful help or False hope?
Feature // November 9, 2018

It has been known as the pulpit of service aimed at cultivating an atmosphere of positivity. The Office of Counseling and Career Services otherwise known as the OCCS, renders its services to those who are in need of support. The OCCS is managed by professional counselors to help monitor student performance and find effective solutions…

The surge of a DLSU phenomenon: A DLSU Bids to Pick story
Feature // November 7, 2018

With the fast-paced technological advancement and the constant rise of social networking, it is apparent that social engagement has definitely grown out of the pits of its once nomadic endeavors and into the podium of search engines and online posts. And with the emergence of this different wave of communication culture, people—especially the youth—are able…

The road to fitness: Torment and contentment
Sports Feature // August 26, 2018

Scroll down into the bottomless pit of posts and status updates reflected beneath the glossy surface of your phone and you’re faced with the loud and ringing reminder: Don’t pause. Curated Instagram grids highlight the bright smiles overcoming marathons, the toned physique, the glistening sweat that silhouettes a post-workout glow.  It’s easy to resent a…

Aesthetic expression: The art of catharsis
Feature // December 5, 2017

With the constant pressure to succeed heavy on our shoulders, and the everlasting existential crisis plaguing our seemingly mundane lives, we can’t help but sometimes feel alone and helpless, trapped within the confines of our minds. The struggle of battling bouts of depression and anxiety can be extremely difficult to overcome. Many have been victims…

With milk and love: Through the eyes of animal rescuers
Feature // December 4, 2017

The streets are filled with all types of creepy crawlers wafting through the sea of garbage and canal water and the rain seems to have no business in stopping. The squelching of your sneakers stop as your eyes are drawn to a small, curled up fur ball on the sidewalk right beside a sari-sari store….