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Addy Binoya
Obsessions and compulsions: The truth behind OCD
Feature // May 17, 2017

Nikko* (II-BS-MGT) wakes up with intrusive thoughts. In the morning, when people usually just stand up and leave their mess of a bed behind, Nikko has to check. He checks for the click of his lamp switch, the ring of his alarm, his already-made blanket that doesn’t seem right enough, and the gap between the…

Living more with less: A look into minimalism
Feature // March 6, 2017

Minimalism just might be the new black. More than just being the opposite of hoarding, the minimalist lifestyle is at once vivid and monochrome, striking and humble. In a time of luxurious imaginings and gluts of clutter, screaming the word “more” in flashing neons, still there are those who remain steadfast to the lifestyle of having few…

Writer’s Recap: Art Fair Philippines 2017
Feature Writer's recap // February 23, 2017

Now on its fifth year, Art Fair Philippines sets its sights on some of the country’s busiest locations, opting for countless extensive multi-media installations, exhibits, and talks around multiple spots in the metro rather than the much more insular and distilled hubs that housed a few paintings and sculptures in its previous iterations. Homes to…

Memoirs of a Lasallian: Pio Uy Dehesa
Feature Lounge // February 9, 2017

“Hindi ko talaga alam kung mayroon pa akong kaklaseng buhay,” admits 96-year-old Lasallian alumnus Pio Uy Dehesa, his voice quiet and contemplative. For him, age is not just a number, but a hint of how different the world he was born into is from our world right now. What must it be like not knowing…

Divisoria 101: A look into a bargain hunter’s haven
December 19, 2016

Upon opening the television, news channels are once again sending reporters to check out what’s happening in the busy complex of Divisoria. There’s a certain charm that Divisoria unravels during the holidays; shoppers are seen multiplying faster the sooner Christmas day comes as there is a compelling need that people get especially at this time…

On the lens of literature with Mario Vargas Llosa
Feature // November 11, 2016

The concrete prevalence of literature continues to breed a whirlpool of timeless imagery and a tableau of entertainment, while being fixed on the pulpit of human understanding and the access of truth. This art form reflects the broad ensemble of cultural differences, which reverberates the very core of our diversity. The celebration of not just the…