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DLSU establishes Gokongwei College of Engineering
Straight News // September 25, 2011

The College of Engineering is now the Gokongwei College of Engineering (GCE). Last Aug. 11, the renaming of the college was officially announced after Chinese-Filipino Tycoon, John Gokongwei, gave a substantial amount worth of donations to the College. The donation was approved by the Board of Trustees before it sought the approval of the college….

Inside the Green Mind
Sports News //

Throughout the years, there have been many prominent names that have indulged themselves in writing about the Green Archers’ performance. Among the famous and controversial would be Tony Atayde Sr., who is popularly known as the Green Mind. Atayde is a former DLSU track and field star and basketball player during the 70’s. He hails…

Press Release: Levi’s and Canon: Great Saturdays
Press Release //

It’s Saturday Night. It has been a hectic school week, and you decide to reward yourself. It’s about time. Green Saturday, you remark. Lasallian Green—time to have some fun.

You prepare for a night out with your friends. You scan your closet amidst a sea of shirts and jeans. What shirt to wear? You settle for a plaid polo. What jeans to wear? Easier choice. The authentic one, a favourite.

You arrive at your rendezvous. Republic, Resorts World Manila. Your friends complement your look for the night. You give them high fives. Polo and jeans, they’re both Levi’s, you add. No wonder, a friend quips. “Let’s have a great night!” you respond.

Internationalization at DLSU: A work in progress

Our profile of international student life in this month’s edition of The LaSallian, as we head into Term 2, 2011, is an overview of DLSU’s global ties. The most impressive fact is that currently we have close to one thousand international students on campus as full time undergraduate and graduate enrollees. Also we are hosting 31 new exchange students from five different countries who will be with us until the end of the term.

Editorial: Who’s under arrest now?
Editorial // January 23, 2011

The German Science of Police tells us that a policeman has both an economic and social duty. Apart from ensuring the enforcement of the law, the policemen in the old Western culture answered to health concerns, urban planning and vigilance in the market; policemen then were tasked to empower the population. Civilians back then were…

Editorial: Harvest of awards
Editorial // November 21, 2010

The famous psychologist BF Skinner believes that one of the obstacles in behavior development is lack of positive reinforcement, or the act of increasing the reward immediately after a response to also increase its frequency in the future. This is applied with dogs—increasing their treats as they learn their tricks. This is also applied in…

Presenting… our USG officers!
Opinion //

Shirts, ballers, and bag tags for sale! That’s the most popular University Student Government activity (USG). This year though, they’ve added a new touch to make their projects more appealing. They decided to use their own faces and bodies as publicity materials. I had the opportunity to sit on one of the Legislative Assembly’s (LA)…

Green Gallery: Lady Spiker Amanda Villanueva
Green Gallery // November 5, 2010

After quitting her high school varsity team six years ago, Amanda Maria Villanueva feels no regrets returning to volleyball action. She first started receiving and digging for volleyballs at the school intramurals and later opted for volleyball, a team sport that suited her personality. An alumna of St. James Academy of Malabon, Villanueva is currently…

Green and Lady Paddlers ascend in UAAP standings
Sports News //

The Taft-based paddlers just get better and better. At the conclusion of the Table Tennis tournament of the 73rd Season of the UAAP, both the DLSU Green and Lady Paddlers proved they have what it takes to warrant a well deserved recognition for their teams’ efforts as both of the teams annexed the second place…

Editorial: The price tag of good education
Editorial //

The Department of Education (DepEd) announced, Oct. 5, the administration’s plan to implement a 12-year basic education cycle, the Kinder plus twelve (K+12) program. According to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the Philippines is the only country with a 10-year cycle. Hence, the K+12 program will keep the Philippine education consistent…