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Juan Batalla
The problem with opinions
Opinion // October 20, 2014

Almost two months ago, a chum of mine in marketing was griping to me about the latest commercial developments in campus: a Power Mac center, and a 7-Eleven in the works. “Do we really need a Power Mac and a 7-Eleven? I really can’t believe how commercial La Salle is. What’s your opinion?” he asks,…

COMELEC: Successful elections this year
News Feature // April 21, 2014

From March 18-20, Lasallians took to their college’s precincts to cast their votes for this year’s General Elections. From Manila to Biñan, DLSU’s Commission on Elections (COMELEC) and STC’s Election Commission (ELECOM) facilitated the conduct of elections, setting up the precincts for voters while also providing a steady supply of ballots and ensuring the security of ballot boxes, while taking charge of the counting and
re-counting of ballots.

The tribe
Opinion // February 28, 2014

A professor once told me this in an informal conversation that Lasallians were not very big on concepts. “They become very apprehensive of concepts. But they won’t even understand the word ‘apprehension of concepts’,” he shared. We were trying to dissect the Lasallian, and how this Lasallian is very different from his or her counterparts…

5 USG units’ accounts to be frozen for audit non-compliance
Straight News // February 21, 2014

  USG activities which incur expenses and generate revenues are now subjected to standard audit practices, given the reinstatement of the Commission on Audit this year. After being brought to life this academic year, the Commission on Audit (COA) has started its audit of University Student Government finances, with five units set to be sanctioned…

La Salle ranks 2nd, falls behind UP-D in int’l web rankings
Straight News // February 12, 2014

The top 10 Philippine universities in terms of web impact, presence, openness and excellence, according to the 2014 Webometrics. DLSU stands at 2nd place among Philippine universities in terms of web rankings, according to the Spanish National Research Council’s Webometrics Ranking of World Universities 2014, released February 11, GMT +1. It fell short of UP-Diliman…

Education, governance and growth in 2014
National Situationer // January 27, 2014

The Philippine nation weathered on powerfully through a stormy 2013, battered as it was with the many threats to national security from the South, tightening international tension and militarization over hotly contested waters, May elections, the abolition of discretionary funds in the legislature, high-profile prosecutions and resignations in government, a sudden plummeting of the stock…

Student Affairs seeks stricter enforcement of RTR promotion
Straight News //

The Student Affairs office may be planning stricter measures to regulate the room-to-room (RTR) advertising of student organizations, especially those that were not officially authorized or approved. The discussion in the Student Leadership, Innovation, Formation and Empowerment (S-LIFE) office has even reached the level of students and administration proposing a banning of unauthorized RTRs to…

For politics’ sake
Opinion //

Politics is a word that people may have many mixed definitions of, but ultimately it is a reference to citizens and how they influence each other. More importantly, it is about how governance is achieved and maintained, and the process surrounding the attainment of this governance. At the national level, politics is an object of…

LA discusses proposed legislative, executive structure reforms
Straight News // January 10, 2014

The Legislative Assembly (LA) convened for its first session of the term today, January 10, with most of the period dedicated to the discussion of legislative and executive structural reforms in the form of amendments to the University Student Government (USG) Constitution, in line with the USG’s Operation REFOCUS. The session started with a discussion…

USG holds CoLE, receives criticisms on planned amendments
Straight News // December 19, 2013

Objections to the planned revisions to the University Student Government (USG) Constitution highlighted the open forum of the Convention of Leaders (CoLE) held last December 5 at the Waldo Perfecto Seminar Room. Most of the discussion revolved around the concerns of the USG and the proposed amendments to the USG Constitution regarding its structure and…