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Blair Clemente
Feminism: Who lives, who dies, who tells your story
Feature // March 11, 2019

Feminism. Very few topics in contemporary culture bring up as diverse a reaction as this. From the academic to the political to the personal, it’s been discussed across different spectrums. From liberty explicitly female, to egalitarian ideals, how did we get where we are, and how do we move forward?     Go West In…

Screening for intimacy
Feature // February 13, 2019

A cultural behemoth, that’s what it is. There is no arguing how the internet and by extension, social media, occupies a unique place in our lives. Its ubiquity brings with it modes of communication and interaction that most take for granted, hiding in plain sight. For the internet is now so integrated in how we…

(K)in defiance: The blaze that is non-conformity
Feature // January 16, 2019

Family has a hallowed place in Filipino society. For decades, the model of the nuclear family has been hailed as the archetype of virtuous citizens in a strong community. The dutiful wife, the provider husband, two children, and a nice home—the only thing society will deem as the epitome of a fulfilled life. Anything different…

A DLSU Christmas for all
Feature // December 20, 2018

A White Rice Christmas When I was in Senior High, I isolated myself in class. I would be terrified about interacting with any of my classmates. Even in lectures, I would hold back from reciting even when I knew my answer was correct. Anytime I pushed myself to step up, I was stopped by the…