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Catherine Orda
Craft in a bottle: On the local craft beer culture
Feature // June 2, 2017

It’s the golden age of unexpected twists, and in an era when many are comforted by what’s traditional for its default familiarity, the unconventional provokes: relentlessly evocative of something distinctive, gripping, and different.   Carving a name for itself—artisanal, sophisticated, and diverse—it’s a mixed bag of both surprise and flavor. And perhaps, in its compelling…

The pieces of Maher Al Raee, the Filipino citizen
Feature // April 18, 2017

Maher Mohammed Al Raee spends his afternoons in calm contemplation. With a mug of tea in one hand and a cigarette in the other, he settles comfortably in his chair, surveying his idyllic neighbourhood, and taking in the afternoon breeze and figures that flit through the streets: Tricycles, cars, the occasional passerby. A look of…

Writer’s Recap: Art Fair Philippines 2017
Feature Writer's recap // February 23, 2017

Now on its fifth year, Art Fair Philippines sets its sights on some of the country’s busiest locations, opting for countless extensive multi-media installations, exhibits, and talks around multiple spots in the metro rather than the much more insular and distilled hubs that housed a few paintings and sculptures in its previous iterations. Homes to…

Film, music, and fare in Tagpo: Isang Pagtitipon
Feature Writer's recap // February 21, 2017

With time and place promptly set, and eager attendees gradually flocking to Circuit Makati, the almost morose, unexpectedly bleak atmosphere in the early evening of February 18 was not the subject on everyone’s minds. Instead, guests braced themselves for the incoming barrage of films and live performances that was promised by the Green Media Group…

Tagpo: Isang Pagtitipon
Feature // February 15, 2017

  The age-old adage describing the comforts of good food and good company is about to take on an interesting addition this Saturday, February 18, at Circuit Makati with the Green Media Group’s Tagpo: Isang Pagtitipon, a celebration of local food, music, and film. The premise is simple: Highlights of the local art scene provide…

Comedy and the city: Stand-up and beyond
Feature // February 5, 2017

Mow’s comedy bar, a faintly lit room nestled inconspicuously within the basement of a Chinese restaurant in Quezon City, houses a crowd of about twenty people hoping to have a few laughs. Huddled around wobbly steel tables and equally flimsy bar stools, they make attempts at conversation as The Strokes’ Reptilia blares through the speakers…

#HangryAboutHunger: U4HK launches campaign against malnutrition
Feature Writer's recap // January 22, 2017

In the early evening of January 18, hundreds swarmed the lobby of Green Sun Hotel in Makati city to join United for Healthier Kids (U4HK) and Nestle Philippines as they kicked-off their campaign against the worsening state of malnutrition in the Philippines. Bringing together media practitioners, representatives from non-government organizations, university students, and advocates against…

Rant & Rave: Metro Manila Film Festival [Part 1 of 2]
Feature Rant & Rave // January 18, 2017

  Saving Sally Reviewed by Casey Eridio Months before its initial release, Saving Sally popped up in almost everyone’s Facebook news feed. The trailer, which featured the film’s quirky animations and fairytale-esque narration, caught the attention of those who proudly wear the geek badge, as well as those who were simply looking for something different….

A very secular Christmas
Feature // December 19, 2016

It begins, as most celebrations do, with the act of informing everyone at arm’s length that it is almost here. We then count the days that lead to it—excitedly and religiously—and there is almost a sense of collective relief as we get to cross off another day on our calendars. Then there are the images…