Reviving mandatory ROTC

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The Association of General and Flag Officers Inc. (AGFO), an organization of active and retired generals and flag officers, seeks to bring back the mandatory military training or the Reserved Officers Training Corps (ROTC) Program to all colleges and universities in the country. ROTC is good for our country for it provides students service-orientation and… Read more »

The Dynasty Equation

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  In the revolving doors between Big Politics and Big Business, families rule. ‘Didn’t win this year’s elections, my darling? No matter, there’s always next year, and if you lose then, we’ll have room for you at the board of directors at daddy’s company!’ You see them everywhere. In candidates –  of identical surnames – running for… Read more »

Casiguran natives’ 370-kilometer march against APECO

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“Ibalik, ibalik! 12,923 ektaryang APECO, ibalik, ibalik!” cried 125 native Casiguran fisherfolk and farmers, who marched from Aurora to Manila, demanding back their ancestral lands and indigenous rights. Overcoming heat and exhaustion, marchers against the Aurora Pacific Economic Zone and Freeport Authority (APECO) took a 20-day, 370-kilometer journey flagged as “Lakad Katarungan, Lakad Matuwid na… Read more »

When ‘Human Rights’ is Leftist Propaganda

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  Last month, President Aquino found himself on the line in an interview for Radio New Zealand, in which a reporter questioned his administration’s spotty human rights record. Aquino promptly dismissed such allegations as having come from the ‘’leftist community’’ who are ‘’good at propaganda’’ and then went on – with subsequent help from his… Read more »

A Not-So-Silent Shepherd

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Along a stretch of road between a marketplace and the dumpsite is a two-storey concrete building. An unassuming red gate with a sign is all that spells the difference between a run-down apartment block and a house church straight out of the New Testament. Mang Erning pauses before entering. Its huge impact on the lives… Read more »

The Garland Trade

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It’s present at every major life event imaginable, from baptisms to funerals to school graduations to your regular Sunday mass. It’s a national symbol. It’s the cradle-to-grave Filipino flower. It’s also the stuff garlands are made of, strung together to create something of a cross between a pearl necklace, a rosary and the Hawaiian lei,… Read more »