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Blaise Cruz
Into the shoes of a Filipino researcher
Opinion // August 30, 2018

I still remember being amazed by artificial intelligence when I was younger. Like any other child who saw amazing things in the movies, I dreamed that I too would be able to make “living metal” when I grew up. The years went by. I entered a science high school where I would continue to kindle…

Impeachment cases: The process behind the publicity
News Feature // August 2, 2018

An impeachment case is a rare occurrence within the University, yet it is one that lures the full attention of the student body upon the announcement of a hearing. Since 2015, there have been a total of seven impeachment cases filed against University Student Government (USG) officers. Part of these were the recent cases against…

Lasallian graduates top national board exams
News Feature // June 22, 2018

For a lot of the University’s graduates, the greatest hurdle that they will ever face in their undergraduate life is their profession’s board and licensure examinations. This is true for engineers, accountants, teachers, and many more professions. Last May, Lasallians topped the Chemical Engineer and Certified Public Accountant (CPA) board exams, with Jan Si (BS-CHE,…

Tabucao impeached due to gross negligence
Straight News // June 18, 2018

Miguel Tabucao, FOCUS 2016 Legislative Assembly (LA) Representative, was impeached earlier today by the University Student Government (USG) Judiciary on grounds of gross negligence. Tabucao incurred six unapproved absences from LA meetings, an impeachable offense in the USG Constitution. “He actually already wanted to resign, and so he filed a resignation letter,” LA Chief Legislator…

Shaping the new curriculum: Ten questions on post K-12 Lasallian education
News Feature // March 21, 2018

Reports from Isabel Cañaveral   The K-12 system brought many changes to the previous Basic Education Curriculum (BEC), moving General Education (GE) subjects to the Senior High School level and adding two extra years of schooling. This alone means that universities and colleges in the Philippines can no longer offer the same curricula as before….

Every bird’s got to leave the nest
Opinion // March 14, 2018

I recall having this one conversation with a high school friend where we talked about plans during and after college. “I’m going to get my master’s degree and leave the country, seek out the masters and the pioneers. Learn from them. You know, master the craft. How about you?” I casually asked him . “I’ll…

The real score between DLSU and PUSO
News Feature // February 20, 2018

Despite several disagreements between the De La Salle University Parents of University Student Organization (PUSO) and the University administration, the parents’ organization has confirmed that they are still in operation. In a recent interview with The LaSallian, DLSU-PUSO president Atty. Dindo T. Garciano has clarified that, contrary to earlier reports, their office has not been…

Unveiling the different perspectives on the University’s U Break shift
Straight News // December 13, 2017

The proposal to shift the University Break (U Break) from Friday to Monday is a hotly debated topic this term, prompting a townhall meeting last October 6, as well as various signature campaigns and student surveys. The U Break change was proposed to remedy the multiple Monday suspensions that the University suffered in the past…

U Break shift confirmed final, effective next term
Straight News U Break Shift // November 26, 2017

The University Student Government (USG) confirmed through a post on their official Facebook page that the proposed University Break (U Break) Shift, moving the U Break from Friday to Monday, has been approved by the President’s Council and will be effective next term.   Latest developments Recently, the USG launched a U Break Signature Campaign…

Addressing professor scarcity
News Feature // November 23, 2017

As enlistment season comes around the corner, students will once again face the problem of shortage in classes. This problem affects their time in the University, as it potentially delays them, especially if the limited class is a major subject. While this is a problem for students, it is also a headache for departments that…