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Danielle Arcon
The mysteries of resurrection: On near-death experiences and revivals
Feature // April 18, 2017

From sentiments of surprise, skepticism, and even wonder, near death experiences are labeled with a wide spectrum of reactions, but easy to dismiss is not one of them. The tales of those who’ve died, been to the other side, and came back are plenty. And it’s often met with an assorted mix of responses. Some…

Living more with less: A look into minimalism
Feature // March 6, 2017

Minimalism just might be the new black. More than just being the opposite of hoarding, the minimalist lifestyle is at once vivid and monochrome, striking and humble. In a time of luxurious imaginings and gluts of clutter, screaming the word “more” in flashing neons, still there are those who remain steadfast to the lifestyle of having few…

Comedy and the city: Stand-up and beyond
Feature // February 5, 2017

Mow’s comedy bar, a faintly lit room nestled inconspicuously within the basement of a Chinese restaurant in Quezon City, houses a crowd of about twenty people hoping to have a few laughs. Huddled around wobbly steel tables and equally flimsy bar stools, they make attempts at conversation as The Strokes’ Reptilia blares through the speakers…

Beyond the lights: Unwrapping the Filipino Christmas spirit
Feature // December 22, 2016

You step out of the church and it all hits you. The bright lights—red, green, and yellow—twinkle around the windows of every house. Some are slowly fading in and out, some seem like they are dancing to the tambourines and the choir singing Joy to the World, echoing from inside. The midnight air embraces you,…

Tales from the Balikbayan box
Feature // December 3, 2016

Halfway through one of Philippine cinema’s most memorable films, Anak, Vilma Santos and Claudine Barretto find themselves in the middle of a confrontation; Barretto sobs as the scene unravels unspoken tensions and escalates to a climactic mother-and-daughter conflict. “Siguro ang talagang gusto kong sabihin, mas malaki ang nawala sa amin noong iniwan mo kami,” she…

OPM’s not dead: On the fate of Filipino music
Feature // October 21, 2016

Just when you think you’ve got OPM figured out, it throws you a curveball. Channeling the charm of the local sound with lush, boombox-ready sonic palettes, Original Pilipino Music strikes the right chords, reconciling the universal with the intimate. On pitch and veering into broader varieties, OPM registers precisely with the melancholy and occasionally wonderful…

Balikan ang Kilig: Revisiting romance and classic Filipino films
Writer's recap // August 13, 2016

There’s something compelling and mildly fascinating about today’s era and its often unpredictable flux.  Trends come and go like flavors of the season.  Markets rise and fall. It’s a portrait of consistent and cyclic transitions.  But every now and then, amidst the chaos of juxtapositions, we come across—not by accident—classics with deep and lasting dimensions….