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Ella Baccay
Too much or too little? : Examining the art of reinvention
Feature // January 14, 2019

  “New year, new me” is a saying that has been repeated since time immemorial, or at least since Facebook was invented. The way we choose to express ourselves is a constant work in progress. The thought of reinventing oneself has probably crossed everyone’s mind once or twice. Whether it’s finally going to the gym…

Office of Counseling and Career Services: Willful help or False hope?
Feature // November 9, 2018

It has been known as the pulpit of service aimed at cultivating an atmosphere of positivity. The Office of Counseling and Career Services otherwise known as the OCCS, renders its services to those who are in need of support. The OCCS is managed by professional counselors to help monitor student performance and find effective solutions…

The surge of a DLSU phenomenon: A DLSU Bids to Pick story
Feature // November 7, 2018

With the fast-paced technological advancement and the constant rise of social networking, it is apparent that social engagement has definitely grown out of the pits of its once nomadic endeavors and into the podium of search engines and online posts. And with the emergence of this different wave of communication culture, people—especially the youth—are able…

Along the rails: Living by the tracks
Commentary Feature // August 30, 2018

The smokey fog makes it hard to see the heat coming from the train when it passes by almost unbearable, but what choice do they have? Early morning, people start milling around; grabbing their laundry and heading to wash them, crossing the tracks as if a speeding train doesn’t scare them one bit. The sound…

Between the ropes: A look into the exhilarating art of trapeze
Feature // July 14, 2018

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Julie muttered to herself as she anxiously looked around the sea of people she was silently drowning in. She’d hated crowds for as long as she could remember—especially noisy, restless, and sweaty ones. Though her eyes darted from left to right, rabidly searching for a way out kind of…

The Greatest Showman: Truly the greatest show?
Feature // March 26, 2018

The musical type of storytelling used in film has very old roots. They first found a home in cinemas around them 30s, and have nowadays adapted to fit modern conventions of good movies. It has endured until the 21st century, finding a home in Disney movies, in on-screen Broadway adaptations akin to that of Les…

Youtube’s golden boy: Learning from Logan Paul’s mistakes
Feature // February 26, 2018

You come home after a long day of school. You set your bag down beside your bed, plop on the seat in front of your computer, and almost immediately go to YouTube to unwind. You expect new content from your favorite creators–maybe a haul video on clothes they bought, a review video on new technology…

Aesthetic expression: The art of catharsis
Feature // December 5, 2017

With the constant pressure to succeed heavy on our shoulders, and the everlasting existential crisis plaguing our seemingly mundane lives, we can’t help but sometimes feel alone and helpless, trapped within the confines of our minds. The struggle of battling bouts of depression and anxiety can be extremely difficult to overcome. Many have been victims…

With milk and love: Through the eyes of animal rescuers
Feature // December 4, 2017

The streets are filled with all types of creepy crawlers wafting through the sea of garbage and canal water and the rain seems to have no business in stopping. The squelching of your sneakers stop as your eyes are drawn to a small, curled up fur ball on the sidewalk right beside a sari-sari store….

From martial law to marshal hero
Feature // October 24, 2017

It is an era that is vividly remembered as a wound that hasn’t completely healed. A memory that refuses to dissolve into faded decades and a turbulent part of Philippine history, the mention of martial law sparks an outcry of different contradictions.  It was a grim era smeared with shades of scarlet insurgence—a period of…