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Emily Lim
Beneath the glitter: Sacrifices behind festivities
Feature // December 20, 2018

Christmas in the Philippines has always been about reuniting with loved ones. Most often, it is spent with the people we hold most dear. But not everyone can celebrate Christmas day with their loved ones. The LaSallian looks at the lives of four individuals whose Christmas tales take a different turn to what many are…

A lifetime of steel: dogs and cages
Feature // November 24, 2018

Dogs have the honor of being known as man’s best friend, but with that honor comes a twisted reality. With the popularity of dogs naturally comes a demand for adorable puppies to love and spoil. This desire has led to man manipulating these dogs to get their “ideal dog” through breeding. But when is enough…

WWII: Smoke fades, scars don’t
Feature // November 11, 2018

Smoke tinged with the cries of people, wind carrying ashes of memories and livelihoods, mothers with empty arms and children with mental scars. This was World War II–this was the era Bill* lived in, the era he survived. This is his story and his scars. In 1945, Bill was around five or six when his…

Seeing Through the Third Eye
Feature // November 8, 2018

We are bound by the reality that we live in, examining what is in front of us with our five senses. We see. We hear. We smell. We taste. We touch. Yet there are circumstances where a few are gifted with a sixth sense. This extrasensory perception sees beyond our plane of existence, and to…

Let the Tarot be told: The truth behind Tarot reading
Beyond La Salle // November 2, 2018

Believed to be akin to black magic and performed by a mysterious lady dressed head-to-toe in colorful garb, complete with a turban, heavy mascara, polished cat-like nails, and a shiny crystal ball, Tarot reading has always been shrouded by stereotypes. The media’s dramatic representation of Tarot reading has raised a great deal of questions, assumptions,…