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Audrey Giongco
Getting Uber It
Feature // October 24, 2017

With October already upon us, more and more people are excited to partake in the month’s festivities. Attendance in Halloween costume parties, trick-or-treating around neighborhoods, binge watching scary movies, and last but not least, exchanging horror stories. Last month, however, Filipinos were unfortunately greeted by a rather early horror story: They had awoken to the…

Out of school youth: Bent but not broken
Feature // October 15, 2017

Life’s paintbrush paint our canvas with beauty in every stroke, at times a little too fast, in order for us to see the grandeur in every aspect of ourselves,  albeit somewhat trivial and nonsensical. Hardly ever noticed, but never out of relevance, the things we take for granted are far for the most part, the…

Thrifts, threads, and things: Manila’s best markets and thrift shops
Feature // August 18, 2017

Some might argue that shopping is a mundane chore meant for the bare necessities like the sheets you haven’t replaced in five years and the occasional lamp for your aunt’s birthday, while others will say that retail therapy is the way to go. For the latter folk, sometimes all it takes is a new bag…

Colonization through a historian’s eyes
Feature // July 11, 2017

Driving around Manila, the sight of Philippine flags leaning on lamp posts or draped on the most distinct spots on buildings become all the more frequent as the days go by. The days leading up to June bring about a heightened sense of nationalism. Last June 12th, the Philippines celebrated her 119th year of independence….

Green Music Collective: The advent of independent Lasallian musicians
Feature // June 2, 2017

Some time in August 2015, a group of Lasallian students with a shared love for music and hunger to pursue their craft kickstarted the Green Music Collective (GMC). Aadil, one of the five founding students of GMC, enumerates the reasons why it was built. He makes mention of the lack of gigs available on campus,…

The life of the Golden Gays
Feature // April 9, 2017

A burned, dilapidated house is being renovated in one of the streets of Pasay. What used to be filled with laughter, singing, and playful banters is now empty of its tenants, only occupied by the workers rebuilding the destroyed house. This used to be the home of the Golden Gays, a group of old gays…

Know your body: A reintroduction to the Reproductive Health law
Feature // March 6, 2017

Over the years, the infamous Republic Act No. 10354—colloquially known as the RH Bill but now called the RH Law—has been constantly delayed in implementation due to the uprising of the church and pro-life groups. Although the bill has long been passed, there seems to be little to no change in the healthcare scene as…

Revisiting Intramuros
Feature // February 21, 2017

For most of recent history, we’ve taken Manila for granted. For those of us who haven’t witnessed the city in its heyday, our knowledge of it is only as deep as the content of our history books—especially with it being the venue of the significant events that shaped our nation. Although our campus is located…

Divisoria 101: A look into a bargain hunter’s haven
December 19, 2016

Upon opening the television, news channels are once again sending reporters to check out what’s happening in the busy complex of Divisoria. There’s a certain charm that Divisoria unravels during the holidays; shoppers are seen multiplying faster the sooner Christmas day comes as there is a compelling need that people get especially at this time…

Quiapo’s ‘Believe it or not’: Of witch doctors and spells
Feature // November 17, 2016

The streets of Quiapo are paved with a precarious aura. The air reeks of a bygone era once Manila’s finest, but has since become home to an ineffable assortment of characters, obscurities, and gems unique to the historical district. It is ironic that the grounds, which the venerated Quiapo Church stands on, is also home…