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Glenielle Nanglihan
From stage to streets: The challenging art of street theater
Feature // December 18, 2018

Convention dictates that the best and the grandest of shows be held in the glitziest of stages. But theater, like all forms of art, is all-encompassing. It transcends the walls that attempt to contain it. It always finds its way to the places people less expect it to be—like the streets. The unpredictability of the…

Vices, Virtues, and the Thin Line inbetween
Feature // November 11, 2018

“This morning we are going to face the hard truth.” Those were the words spoken right before the speaker, Mary Jane Brennan, was introduced. True enough, she has made a career out of making people realize the hard truths. A certified Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor, she has spent most of her life traveling to…