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Glenielle Nanglihan
Confessions of food delivery personnel
Feature // March 16, 2019

Whenever you’re hungry, you grab your phone, tap a square, punch in your latest cravings, and painfully wait for someone to arrive at your door. However, outside the comfort of your home, what happens to the sole bridge between you and your food? Among the jeepneys and tricycles filling our streets are the delivery personnel…

Rant & Rave: Noli Me Tangere, the Opera resurrects old ghosts
Feature Rant & Rave // March 9, 2019

One would think that Noli Me Tangere, the Opera would need no further explanations. After all, Dr. Jose Rizal’s  book is firmly etched in history—and in our basic education curriculum. Felipe Padilla de Leon and Guillermo Tolentino’s opera traces its history from its first run in 1974 in the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP)….

HIV/AIDS, stigma, and lives unclaimed
Feature // February 16, 2019

It has long haunted our country. We’ve all heard the numerous urban legends about contaminated needles in dark cinema halls and other tales that took on the form of monsters under our beds. Above it all, the implied shame. The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and the acquired immunodificiency syndrome (AIDS) was a conversation the Philippines…

Writer’s Recap: The Pig runs wild this Lunar New Year
Feature Writer's recap // February 6, 2019

There is a common misconception that Binondo and Ongpin are one and the same. Many use the names interchangeably to refer to the oldest Chinatown in the Philippines and the world, but Binondo is the official name of Manila’s Chinatown and Ongpin is merely one of the most famous streets. Nestled near the heart of…

Examining the humanity of animal cafés
Feature // January 17, 2019

With the rise in popularity of animal cafés, anyone who is fond of these lovable creatures now had a go-to place for food and warm hugs. Yet, a now viral post on social media brought a more critical eye toward these animal wonderlands. As Wagging Tails, a pet café, became increasingly notorious among netizens, so…

(K)in defiance: The blaze that is non-conformity
Feature // January 16, 2019

Family has a hallowed place in Filipino society. For decades, the model of the nuclear family has been hailed as the archetype of virtuous citizens in a strong community. The dutiful wife, the provider husband, two children, and a nice home—the only thing society will deem as the epitome of a fulfilled life. Anything different…

From stage to streets: The challenging art of street theater
Feature // December 18, 2018

Convention dictates that the best and the grandest of shows be held in the glitziest of stages. But theater, like all forms of art, is all-encompassing. It transcends the walls that attempt to contain it. It always finds its way to the places people less expect it to be—like the streets. The unpredictability of the…

Vices, Virtues, and the Thin Line inbetween
Feature // November 11, 2018

“This morning we are going to face the hard truth.” Those were the words spoken right before the speaker, Mary Jane Brennan, was introduced. True enough, she has made a career out of making people realize the hard truths. A certified Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor, she has spent most of her life traveling to…