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Katherine Moro
The disremembered: Stories from the front lines of Alzheimer’s   
Feature // December 29, 2017

More often than not, the shared memories between two individuals is the thread that holds a relationship together. Now imagine if a gnarled hand slowly came out of nowhere, curled its wretched fingers around that thread, and began to pull–not quickly, not to startle, but slowly as to prolong the pain and agony of watching…

The fast fashion trap
Feature // December 22, 2017

You enter the mall, and almost immediately, you’re greeted by bright red signs with “SALE” written in huge typeface letters. You enter the shop almost unconsciously without any intention except to look around, and before you know it, you’re inside the fitting room with about half a dozen clothes to try on. You fit them…

Empowering and enticing: The allures of pole dancing
Feature // November 26, 2017

  Along the financial district of Ortigas lies an ubiquitous building with a studio perched on its top floor. Soft electronic music plays in the background as the women in the room stretch in front of ceiling mirrors. It’s an odd assortment of women of different sizes and ages, with the youngest among the bunch…

The nightwatchers: The other side of the drug war
Feature // October 16, 2017

Police knock, suspect pleads, and then a gunshot or two is fired—a sequence of events that has become all too familiar. In this day and age, the police seem to be painted in a negative light on news headlines—both internationally and locally—far more often than they previously were. Extra-judicial killings and racist acts have served…

An afternoon at the cuckoo house
Feature // October 6, 2017

The first thing to notice was the utter smallness of the door. Bordered by a frame of dark, distressed wood, it reveals a sizeable patch of dim light when opened—one so completely removed from its surroundings so that it appeared as if it were hovering. Behind that square of light are white granite walls and…

The naked truth
Feature // August 26, 2017

From inside the enclosed space of the gallery, a low and almost silent chatter accompanies the subtle sounds of pencil on paper. The illuminated gallery houses dozens of artists huddled before their art materials, all focusing intently towards the middle of the room where a naked human figure stood. While the thought of stripping down…

Sheer dehumanization: Fake nudes and revenge porn
Feature // July 26, 2017

We swipe open our screens, tap through hundreds of apps, and mindlessly slogging through the vast amount of information available at the tips of our fingers. Thumbs up for memes, double tap for that vacation photo, angry react at the barrage of fake news invading our space. Everyday, hundreds and thousands of photos are posted…

Manila bay folk
Feature // May 24, 2017

After a bumpy pedicab ride from Taft Avenue through Pablo Ocampo, we alight across a lifeless CCP Complex. Greeted by half empty parking lots and sprouts of greenery, the scent of petrol and saltwater waft the path to an even emptier Harbor Square. Peaceful folks adorn the concrete coast, going about their day by the…

The Book Stop Project: A step in the right direction
Feature // April 18, 2017

Let no more than the usual suspects be a testament to how much the world has technologically changed and otherwise confused the common bookworm of the inexistence of quality, tenable, and time-honored books. With the advent of E-books and personal libraries, a part of society is left out on the timbre that is good readings…

EDSA Revolution revisited
Feature // March 7, 2017

Thirty-one years ago, Manila was brought to a standstill. Along Epifanio de Los Santos Avenue, the usual lines of vehicles were replaced by throngs of people as millions of Filipinos took to the streets and reclaimed the democracy that they had been deprived of, displaying their honor and courage for the whole world to see….