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Kaycee Valmonte
This or that? Here or there?
Opinion // November 4, 2017

It is, once again, the season of college applications and entrance exams. Thousands of students have prepared and submitted their requirements to colleges and universities. Graduating senior high school students must now be checking to see which course programs suit them the most and which of the colleges and/or universities they are looking into offer…

In the minds of the elected
General Elections // July 15, 2017

Candidates are the building blocks of elections. During campaign week, candidates must scour through the walls and the classrooms of the University, interacting with students whose eyes try to pry the truth and the intention behind why they are running for a position in the University Student Government (USG). For Seanne Esguerra, Ervina Robles, and…

Students’ evaluation of the USG

Since the tremendous drop of voter turnout in the 2015 General Elections (GE), the University Student Government (USG) has gradually regained its stature. The USG gained notable attraction from the student body as it pursued a student-centered campus for this academic year (AY) 2016-2017. As the incumbent USG officials near the end of their term,…