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Kobe Lacsamana
Shadow of a cross, faith, and Iglesia ni Cristo
Fearless Forecast Feature // June 21, 2018

Can you hear the quiet hum? It’s the sound of millions across the country praying. The Church of Iglesia ni Cristo, commonly referred to as the INC, is one of the most politically and culturally influential religious groups in the Philippines. A homegrown religion founded by Felix Manalo in 1914, membership in INC has grown…

Fighting for a life: A look into the world of midget boxing and more
Feature // June 8, 2018

The room was dark but the lights were bright. It was seventeen minutes past ten at night. The music was booming and the girls were dancing. The alcohol was flowing and the guests started coming. And then, a Michael Buffer-esque voice came calling, searching for a referee to a round of midget boxing. This was…

Irrational zodiac signs and why it’s okay to believe in them
Feature // March 6, 2018

Can the positioning of giant balls of gas during the time of our births really help explain our moods, personalities, and even our destiny? Astrology takes up a rather surprisingly prominent role in modern human society. After President Reagan was shot in a failed assassination attempt, his wife Nancy rearranged the Oval Office and had…