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Nadine Macalalad
Rolling with the punches: A glimpse into the world of stunt choreography
Feature // March 20, 2019

Taking a look back at some of the most iconic action scenes in movie history, it’s plain to see that many of them involve some degree of stunt work: from the fight sequences in Karate Kid where Daniel LaRusso kicks and punches his way through the members of the Cobra Kai; to the iconic scene…

Excelsior! : The legacy of Stan Lee
Feature // January 14, 2019

No one can deny that being a “comic book geek” has never been more mainstream than in the past decade or so. It seems as though every other month, a new comic book movie is hitting the screen with packed cinemas full of dedicated fans. This recent boom in the comic industry can arguably be…

Office of Counseling and Career Services: Willful help or False hope?
Feature // November 9, 2018

It has been known as the pulpit of service aimed at cultivating an atmosphere of positivity. The Office of Counseling and Career Services otherwise known as the OCCS, renders its services to those who are in need of support. The OCCS is managed by professional counselors to help monitor student performance and find effective solutions…

A generation’s wait finally over: A review on the Incredibles 2
Feature // August 13, 2018

After ages of waiting (yes, ages because that’s exactly how a few minutes feels like when you’re a little kid), one of the cinema’s glass doors creaks open, and you hold yourself back from rushing in and pushing your way past the people coming out; your mom or dad holding down a kid from his…

Love on the line: A look into online relationships
Feature // July 1, 2018

The phenomenon of online dating has reformed the entire landscape of dating in general. Nowadays, people meet online, through romance apps and whatnot, for a multitude of purposes within the realms of the romantic, whether it be for a quick fling or for something more intimate. The notion of dating through conventional means, as is…

From High School to College: Exoneration or Prison Transfer?
Feature // June 13, 2018

For the uninitiated frosh taking their first steps into the University, college presents itself as an entirely unfamiliar terrain—a place where no one knows your name, so you could rebuild it in however way you want from the ground up. Such self-reinvention is possible in college because of all the freedom that comes with it….

The journey of spirituality: Flux, flow, and depth
Feature // October 17, 2017

It is often said that to be truly healthy, a person must nurture their “mind, body, and soul.” The concept of a healthy mind and body is not one that is too hard to grasp, but that of a healthy “soul” may elude some people. The religious path is not for everyone, and while the…

Linguistic relativity: A modern day puzzle
Feature // October 5, 2017

Man’s mind is an enigma, and to this day, we can’t fully comprehend what it’s truly capable of. We only understand a fraction of how it works, and so much of what it can do is still left in the dark. Such was the case when American linguist Edward Sapir hypothesized in 1929 that the…

Painting in rainbows: The true colors of LGBTQ+ Lasallians
Feature // August 29, 2017

Last June was a very special month for an oft-misunderstood and marginalized group of people. For those not in the know, June is the international pride month for the LGBTQ+ community. Every year, the LGBT community celebrates its greatest triumphs in fighting for their rights and sheds light on those who have suffered discrimination and…

In pursuit of independence
Feature // July 11, 2017

The four walls of our family houses have always been home to us. It is where we eat, sleep, do homework, learn our first words, and form our most valuable bonds. For a lot of people, leaving the confines of these four walls is unthinkable simply because the doors of their home have always been…