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Nadine Macalalad
In pursuit of independence
Menagerie // July 11, 2017

The four walls of our family houses have always been home to us. It is where we eat, sleep, do homework, learn our first words, and form our most valuable bonds. For a lot of people, leaving the confines of these four walls is unthinkable simply because the doors of their home have always been…

Towards Feminization: Defining the women experience in STEM
Feature // April 4, 2017

  Among the films that were shown in the 42nd Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) last December, it was the teen comedy Vince, Kath, and James that tackled the issues of sexism in the workplace head-on. In the film, Vince and Kath are both engineering students and are co-interns for an engineering company. In one…

EDSA Revolution revisited
Feature // March 7, 2017

Thirty-one years ago, Manila was brought to a standstill. Along Epifanio de Los Santos Avenue, the usual lines of vehicles were replaced by throngs of people as millions of Filipinos took to the streets and reclaimed the democracy that they had been deprived of, displaying their honor and courage for the whole world to see….

IN RETROSPECT: The rollercoaster that was 2016
Feature // January 28, 2017

The last few days of every year are usually met with the same mundane routine: Christmas zips into New Year’s Eve, people rush around traveling or attending parties, and, when asked, ‘How was your year?’ an indifferent ‘Meh, uneventful’ would probably be the reply.  Last year proved to be different. There’s no denying that 2016…

Feature // October 8, 2016

Thanks to the calendar shift, gone are the days of one month breaks before the start of a new school year. Although short breaks aren’t alien to students, it’s understandable that some might feel rattled until now. Fret not, for an escape is possible—through reading a book, that is. Here are a few suggestions for…

The face behind the prestige: Getting to know Dr. Aristotle
Feature // September 30, 2016

The best and brightest of the department of Mechanical Engineering gather on the highest floor of the tallest building in the University, and make magic happen in DLSU’s very own bio-culturing laboratory. Although math and science are based on logic and reason, Dr. Aristotle Ubando uses these tools to create new life. Many would be…

Happy Thursdays: The aftermath
Feature // August 25, 2016

It’s Thursday once again. Stepping out of Br. Andrew Gonzales Hall, the music from the various bars nearby resonates as the stream of people heading in that general direction never fails to amaze those whose only Thursday night plan is to get some sleep. But then again, this is what Thursday nights are for a…

Seeing life in Taft through the eyes of a Senior High barkada
Feature // July 28, 2016

It’s been more than a month now since DLSU opened its halls to a relatively foreign program to not only the University, but to the Philippine Education System in general. The integration of the Senior High School (SHS) program was implemented and met with mixed reactions from the Lasallian community. From their first day on…

Home is whenever I’m in school
Feature // July 19, 2016

School has always been considered our second home, both figuratively and literally. For many of us, signing up for a Lasallian education was a relatively new experience, coming from the various setups and systems of our different high schools. For others, however, entering the halls of De La Salle University wasn’t anything different—for these students,…

Writing for others: Joel Griffith’s process of self-creation
Feature // May 5, 2016

It was in the early months of 2015 that Joel Griffiths (III, ADV) started writing a screenplay about two friends on the cusp of change. Flipping through Facebook, he came across a poster for Crossroads 12, a festival of student theater production in DLSU-College of St. Benilde, with the theme Autopoiesis, auto meaning “self” and…