How clean is green?

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Wilson Cordova, Laboratory Head for the Decision Sciences Department (DSI) was waiting for his change from the cashier in Animo Canteen when suddenly he noticed a cockroach inside the food warmer with two siopao inside.  A canteen staff saw him gazing at the food warmer and proceeded to dispose one siopao. Cordova, however, claims that… Read more »

The world-class desire

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With students worldwide looking for an exemplary tertiary education, Universities are under pressure to achieve a “world class” title, which is something not self-proclaimed. Jamil Salmi, World Bank’s tertiary education coordinator, says in his The Challenge of Establishing World-Class Universities, “elite status is conferred by the outside world on the basis of international recognition. World-class… Read more »

Attracting the best and the brightest

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“We are not getting the best and the brightest. You need the best and the brightest to get your research,” laments Br. Jun.  “Even if we have the best professors, if we are not able to get the best students, then quality wise, the production of quality graduates will be affected,” says College of Liberal… Read more »

Guilty of Non-brotherhood

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Kin, colleague, student, friend – the words I hear which paint the canvas of a man called “brother”.  It manifests a relationship that runs thicker than blood, and it shows how deep that relationship becomes in real life. And yet, however much of a powerful phenomenon this relationship is and has become, it is stained… Read more »

On the Looking Glass for 2012

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Filipinos headed into 2012 with hope. According to a recent Social Weather Stations survey, 95% of Filipinos looked at the new year with optism. By looking at many of the pressing issues that plagued the country last year, The LaSallian takes a look at developments that the may sustain many hopes this.   Crazy Climate… Read more »

We are not getting the best and the brightest – Br. Jun

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The late Br. Andrew Gonzalez FSC envisioned DLSU as an outstanding research university in the Philippines, encouraging innovation and development within the Lasallian community. In creating a world-class research university, many factors need to be considered; one of which is the quality of enrollees admitted by academic institutions.   Maximizing student performance College of Liberal… Read more »

For Your Information: Employees Association

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The De La Salle Univeristy Employees Association (DLSU-EA) is an independent union formed to represent certain employees in the University, and to protect their right to collective action. It was established during the 1980s, and has since been representing the aforementioned personnel in policy and decision making processes in the University. “It is a union,… Read more »

The process of joining the Brotherhood

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From just a handful of Brothers in 1911, the Lasallian Brothers have successfully built a well-renowned institution and educated  leaders in the course of 100 years. The De La Salle Brothers is distributed among the different Lasallian academic institutions around the country and around the world. Serving as faculty members or administrators, the Lasallian Brothers… Read more »