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Josemaria Rustia
Zeroing in on enrollment issues: A systematic and external drawback
News Feature // March 26, 2017

Over the years, students have constantly been haunted by enlistment issues within DLSU’s primary enrollment system Animo.sys come enlistment day. The failure to enlist, according to some, stems from systematic problems such as Wi-Fi inefficiency and server capacity that could not accommodate the number of students logging in. Launched back in 2013, Animo.sys was created…

Tax reform in the Philippines: A look at fuel tax and its alternatives
National Situationer Straight News // March 11, 2017

In a nationwide initiative to generate revenues, the Philippine government recently proposed a P6 per liter increase in diesel, gasoline, and cooking oil. The tax reform proposal is intended to help fund the administration’s infrastructure program, as well as to keep the president’s promise to reform the fuel tax system, which is widely considered outdated…

Clarifying issues with midterm and final examination schedules
Straight News // February 27, 2017

As a measure of assessing a student’s proficiency and knowledge on a subject, examinations are regularly conducted. Aside from quizzes, the University also implements midterm examinations during the seventh or eighth week of the term. Meanwhile, final examinations are held during the 14th week. While these assessments often follow a fixed departmental schedule, some classes…

DLSU faces financial, academic, and operational challenges in light of lean years
Straight News // November 17, 2016

DLSU, along with other universities and colleges all over the country, is going through a transitional period known as the “lean years” due to the K-12 program. The lean years are expected to last from the current academic year (AY) to AY 2021-2022. Many senior high school (SHS) students who were slated to graduate this…

Assessing students’ right to Grade Consultation Day
In Review News Feature // October 22, 2016

One of the academic rights of students stipulated in the student handbook is their right to see their final examination papers and the computation of their final grades during Grade Consultation Day (GCD). The GCD, typically held before the term officially ends and after final exams week, is a time for students and professors to…

Tanggol Wika: Opposing CHED Memo No. 20-2013
National Situationer Straight News // September 26, 2016

Last July, the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) ordered all universities to retain six to nine units of Filipino subjects in compliance with the Supreme Court’s temporary restraining order (TRO) on CHED Memorandum (CMO) No. 20 Series of 2013. The memo proposed to remove all Filipino and Literature General Education (GE) subjects from the university…

A year in review: The USG of AY 2015-2016
General Elections // August 7, 2016

According to its Constitution, the University Student Government (USG) shall be the sole, unified, autonomous, and democratic representative body of the students. Its power emanates from the student body, and it shall, at all times, be accountable to the student body. But when things took a turn for the worse last General Elections (GE), where…

Assessing the University’s ID Policy
Straight News // August 3, 2016

Last year, a new ID policy was implemented at the start of the special term, which required all students, teachers, administrators, and staff to wear their DLSU ID cards visibly at all times on campus. The policy was implemented as a measure to improve security within the institution. Initially, however, the policy was met with…

Sizing up DLSU’s recent participation in the MM Shake Drill
News Feature // July 27, 2016

Last June 23, DLSU participated in the Metro Manila Shake Drill, which lasted for around 20 minutes before classes and normal work resumed. Occupants of the Br. John Hall took the least amount of time to evacuate at 55 seconds, while occupants at the Br. Andrew Gonzalez Hall required the most at approximately 17 minutes….

DLSU achieves 100 percent evacuation in MM Shake Drill
Straight News // June 24, 2016

DLSU President Br. Ray Suplido FSC says that the evacuation of all buildings on campus during the second Metro Manila Shake Drill last June 23, Wednesday, is an accomplishment for DLSU. According to University Safety Office Director and Security Office OIC Dr. Jocelyn Dayanan, there was a 100 percent evacuation of buildings during Wednesday’s drill,…