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Sabrina Joyce Go
Writer’s Recap: The Pig runs wild this Lunar New Year
Feature Writer's recap // February 6, 2019

There is a common misconception that Binondo and Ongpin are one and the same. Many use the names interchangeably to refer to the oldest Chinatown in the Philippines and the world, but Binondo is the official name of Manila’s Chinatown and Ongpin is merely one of the most famous streets. Nestled near the heart of…

Remembering the rainbow: Old stories for modern identities
Feature // January 22, 2019

Mama, can you tell me a story? As children, we found refuge in stories. But myths are more than just stories we tell—they reveal something about the culture they’re from. As children, how many times have we heard the story of Pinang, the little girl whose mother said that she needed multiple eyes to find…

FTK 2019 and the Lasallian spirit of volunteerism
Feature //

For the Kids (FTK) 2019 kicked off its program this January 20 with high excitement. The mini-olympic event invited children with special needs, called “angels”, to participate in a meaningful day with their Ate and Kuya volunteers. Already on its 30th anniversary, it coincides with the tercentenary celebration of St. John Baptist De La Salle’s…

Liwanag: The iconic Lasallian Christmas tree
Feature // December 17, 2018

Amidst the scramble of students trying to finish course requirements, a sure sign of the coming holiday is when decorations start popping up in our University. Every year, decorative pieces adorn the campus, giving the University a beautiful atmosphere once it lights up. Perhaps the most iconic decoration in our campus is the Christmas Tree…