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Sophia Nicole Cruz
Stripped bare: Us through the panorama of self-love
Feature // February 14, 2019

To love is a fundamental necessity—one that is patent and true. It is what makes people feel at one with life, sparking light in the world even in its most hopeless corners. But to love oneself and all of our parts as a whole is still the ultimate challenge. Each one of us interpret and…

Writer’s Recap: The Pig runs wild this Lunar New Year
Feature Writer's recap // February 6, 2019

There is a common misconception that Binondo and Ongpin are one and the same. Many use the names interchangeably to refer to the oldest Chinatown in the Philippines and the world, but Binondo is the official name of Manila’s Chinatown and Ongpin is merely one of the most famous streets. Nestled near the heart of…

Flipping the underground scene: Lyrical rhymes of FlipTop artists
Feature // January 14, 2019

As the clock strikes nine at night, an audience fills up an arena. People crowd every side of the platform, wanting to be as close to the action as possible. Up on that platform, an artist builds up his confidence and rehearses the lines he crafted for the battle ahead. A member of the FlipTop…

Rant and Rave: The Haunting of Hill House
Feature Rant & Rave // December 17, 2018

Tis the season to be jolly, but before we bask in all things merry and bright, let us look back at all things grim and spooky. October is a month associated with Halloween and all things horror, so it is no surprise that a lot of scary movies and shows are released during this time….