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Wilhelm Tan
7-Eleven vs. Ministop
Head to Head // August 17, 2014

A college student’s budget is near-impossible to manage. Between having to pay for food, school supplies, events, and everything in between, some college students watch their allowance slowly trickle away as the week rolls on by. As students become hard-pressed for cash, they search for easier ways to find their daily necessities. And that’s where…

Look before you leap
Opinion // August 14, 2014

‘Look before you leap’. It’s a common saying, one we hear all the time as we grow up. Its meaning is simple enough – understand the situation you face thoroughly before acting upon it. Why then, do so many people have a hard time following such a simple phrase? It seems like every time a…

Similar struggles: Freshmen versus Graduating Students
Head to Head // August 10, 2014

  Between lining up for elevators in Andrew to preparing for your OJT and thesis, a lot can change in the few years in the university, especially in terms of the problems we face. It doesn’t seem like there is much in common between the freshmen, who are just starting their college experience, and the…

Committed to excellence
25 Cents' Worth // July 12, 2014

Back in my first year of grade school, I was given ten values that I was told I needed to embody – values that the ideal student supposedly possessed. All throughout my primary and secondary education, I memorized these values and took them to heart. One always struck me more than the rest though, and…

The exchange experience: Adventures abroad
Feature // June 10, 2014

Those who take this journey return home with stories, some disappointing and some fascinating.

Rant & Rave // May 31, 2014

Photo courtesy of Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Everybody loves a good villain. Who can forget the menacing Sith Lord Darth Vader, who fought to destroy peace in the entire galaxy? Or the psychotic ‘Clown Prince of Crime’, known only as The Joker, who sought to plunge Gotham City into absolute chaos? Indeed, every now…

Proofs of time immemorial
Vignette // March 5, 2014

They stand tall and proud – those grey-and-black marble or concrete structures that teem the dusty corners and leafy grounds of our beloved campus, stone lips murmuring secrets of an age gone by. Mute and cold, they stare fixedly at all who pass by – chalk-white eyes immobile, heads held high (or bowed, for some),…

Head to Head: Animation revolution
Head to Head // January 27, 2014

If switching on the telly and flipping through comic impressions of talking bunnies and shape-changing dogs fail to take you on a trip down memory lane, then generational trends have indeed changed by a wider margin than initially supposed. Admit it – as kids, we would not have elected to wake up at the first…

Vignette: The Naughty and Nice List of 2013
Vignette // December 18, 2013

‘Tis the season of crisp paper bills, Puto Bumbong, packets of ampao, and anxious ninongs and ninangs. We can forget all about our term-end debacles to enjoy the few moments of unchained freedom that we are blessed with. Looking back at the past months, 2013 has been a frenzied whirlwind of interesting events, both good…

Glimpse: Remembering the “Supremo”
Glimpse // November 30, 2013

The Philippines, in its rich and diverse culture, has produced a wide variety of heroes. There is the warrior-chief from Mactan, Lapu-Lapu; the three martyr priests, collectively called Gomburza; and of course, the nationalistic writer, Jose Rizal. Each of these heroes exemplified nationalism and love for country; however, none may have epitomized patriotism more than…