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Wilhelm Tan
Through the Eyes of His Children: A Day With Pope Francis
News Feature // January 17, 2015

Tens of thousands of people lined the streets leading from the Apostolic Nunciature along Taft Avenue to the Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay City just to catch a glimpse of Pope Francis, the leader of the Roman Catholic Church. Outside the arena, thousands more waited patiently in the parking lot, as delegates from all over…

A look into MARKET1’s final exam
Glimpse // December 22, 2014

As the term slowly approaches its end, students gear up in preparation for finals week, the last set of challenges they must face before enjoying sweet freedom. Depending on the subject you’re reviewing for, these challenges can mean a variety of things. Usually, it’s reviewing pages upon pages of notes, remembering and understanding all kinds…

A look at DLSU’s Gamelab
Feature // November 23, 2014

Almost everyone’s enjoyed creating and playing with their own personal avatar in The Sims, but have you ever wondered how the cities and environments in the game are actually made? We’ve all wasted precious hours (and sleep) playing and replaying Flappy Bird, but have you ever stopped to consider who might be behind this diabolical…

10 on 10: A list of La Salle’s important people
Feature // October 21, 2014

As Lasallians, we are united in our mission and goals set by our alma mater. Those before us that have succeeded in this mission and accomplished these goals have shown us that there is not only one way to do so. They have shown to us that even in our common mission, we can still…

Coursing through life
Green Pulse // September 17, 2014

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” Every college student has been asked this question at one point or another in their lives. And, more often than not, their answer to the question reflects in their choice of course. Growing up, students are faced with the pressure of having to decide what…

7-Eleven vs. Ministop
Head to Head // August 17, 2014

A college student’s budget is near-impossible to manage. Between having to pay for food, school supplies, events, and everything in between, some college students watch their allowance slowly trickle away as the week rolls on by. As students become hard-pressed for cash, they search for easier ways to find their daily necessities. And that’s where…

Look before you leap
Opinion // August 14, 2014

‘Look before you leap’. It’s a common saying, one we hear all the time as we grow up. Its meaning is simple enough – understand the situation you face thoroughly before acting upon it. Why then, do so many people have a hard time following such a simple phrase? It seems like every time a…

Similar struggles: Freshmen versus Graduating Students
Head to Head // August 10, 2014

  Between lining up for elevators in Andrew to preparing for your OJT and thesis, a lot can change in the few years in the university, especially in terms of the problems we face. It doesn’t seem like there is much in common between the freshmen, who are just starting their college experience, and the…

Committed to excellence
25 Cents' Worth // July 12, 2014

Back in my first year of grade school, I was given ten values that I was told I needed to embody – values that the ideal student supposedly possessed. All throughout my primary and secondary education, I memorized these values and took them to heart. One always struck me more than the rest though, and…

The exchange experience: Adventures abroad
Feature // June 10, 2014

Those who take this journey return home with stories, some disappointing and some fascinating.