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Thea Tagulao
Opinion // February 28, 2018

They say that the greatest form of flattery is imitation. But how far does imitation go? Does it stop when we finally become an exact replica of the people we pretend to be, or will a simple acknowledgement of our efforts be enough? Last September, Eduardo Martin, a 32-year old leukemia survivor claimed himself as…

Freelancers are humans too
Opinion // November 30, 2017

Working has never been easy, whether you are the one leading and giving out instructions or simply following given orders. As an adventurous college student, I would always look for different opportunities to earn money as a way of supporting my wants without having to burden my parents. One way would be by looking for…

Creativity as a natural process
Opinion // October 2, 2017

Last Friday, I attended an advertising conference that featured different speakers who came from well-known agencies across the country. ┬áTheir resumes boast of years of experience in the various areas of the advertising industry. Throughout the talk, the speakers showed different television commercials (TVCs) that were critically acclaimed and were recognized for their creativity. Not…

COMELEC on regulating electoral processes
General Elections // July 15, 2017

The University Student Government (USG) Commission on Elections (COMELEC) is the deciding body on all electoral exercises within the University. From the very beginning, COMELEC has been the key background player of the USG General Elections (GE). From screening volunteers to planning campaign and election proceedings, COMELEC regulates the Election Code. Backbone of elections With…

Head to head
General Elections // July 13, 2017

The candidates running for the Executive Board (EB) which consists five of the highest positions in the University Student Government (USG) have been training rigorously for the past months as they prepare themselves for the campaign period. The students will be the ones deciding on the best type of candidate appropriate for the position, where…

Preparing ourselves
Opinion // July 9, 2017

For my business communication class, we had a mock interview to practice our communication skills. During the activity, I got a glimpse of the different resumes of my classmates and peers, and noticed that several of them were filled with lines and lines of the various co-curricular activities that we had participated in over the…