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Yanna Zhang
LitAw VisAw: A Night of Funk and Freedom
Feature // November 8, 2018

The night of October 12, 2018 showered well-deserved awards as The Malate Literary Folio and event participants celebrated The 33rd DLSU Annual Awards for Literature (LitAw) and The 8th Annual Awards for Visual Arts (VisAw) Awarding Ceremony at the William Shaw Little Theater. The LitAw VisAw is centered on recognizing and praising student writers and…

Three six five
Opinion // November 7, 2018

There was a time when the world was disconnected, with numerous countries completely unaware of each other’s presence as humans struggled to master new inventions of fire and weapons. Then, like a plug to an outlet, everything changed—the world woke up, millions of lights ablaze. Society was gifted the internet and connection to places much…

The meshed and the mixed: The undefined meaning of Filipina beauty
Feature // November 5, 2018

A sparkling stage and a towering list of expectations, beauty pageant contestants are no stranger to competition. All that work and fight for a sash and crown, symbols of success to any aspiring Filipina beauty queen. The definition of beauty has changed repeatedly, from corsets to lip gloss to threaded brows—the interpretation of beauty shifts…

Overnight at DLSU: Defer – Part Two
Off the Beaten Track // November 2, 2018

The LaSallian meant for there to only be one article; however, so much happened that night that warranted the article to be split into two. None of us expected to feel this frightened. None of us ever fathomed the possibility of this much fear rattling around in our ribcage. But here we are: we survived…

Overnight at DLSU: Defer – Part One
Off the Beaten Track // November 1, 2018

In October 2013, The LaSallian released an article titled Overnight at DLSU, redux. The article was a sequel to the March 2010 article where three staffers stayed in campus the whole night in search of what goes bump in DLSU at night. This October 2018 marks the third time that staffers from The LaSallian will…

Horror roommates: Of dirty laundry and even dirtier people
Rant & Rave // September 16, 2018

From the most outrageous things they’ve done, to the most annoying habits they still carry, these “horror” roommates definitely deserve a moment of discourse, if not condemnation altogether. We got anonymous stories from people who have lived with the worst of the worst. Laugh or cringe; these confessions will make you glad you don’t share…

At highest altitude
Feature // August 13, 2018

We fly straight into the world of female pilots as they commandeer and maneuver a winged vehicle so high off the ground, stowing away whatever it is that we are doing to listen to what it truly takes to become successful in the aviation industry. As we rattle and shake with anticipation in the same…

The fifth element of hip-hop
Feature // July 5, 2018

Imagine this: A sound underground, barely audible at first. Getting louder the closer you get, so you dare take a step forward. A smack and a pat-tat-tat of simple dubstep. Just when the rhythm was getting good, it switches. A symphony of orchestral instruments. The string and bass mixing together, blending and merging in nicely….

Of felons and followers: The fascination behind serial killers
Feature // June 2, 2018

A few taps at the keyboard here, several mouse clicks there and many search results later, a list of Facebook fan groups light up the screen. While these groups may seem like any other dedicated to public figures, one spine-chilling detail makes them stand out: The macabre dedication to serial killers. It is interesting, to…

In the pointe shoes of a prima ballerina
Student Spotlight // April 9, 2018

Twirling gracefully in a pool of silk, ribbons, and tulle, Odette is every inch a vision in white.  The Prince notices the maiden, instantly struck with the kind of emotion people crossed oceans for, the kind of romance people wrote novels about. It only takes a glance, a few steps closer and then the star-crossed…