Editorial: Harvest of awards
by The LaSallian
Editorial // November 21, 2010

The famous psychologist BF Skinner believes that one of the obstacles in behavior development is lack of positive reinforcement, or the act of increasing the reward immediately after a response to also increase its frequency in the future. This is applied with dogs—increasing their treats as they learn their tricks. This is also applied in…

Editorial: The price tag of good education
by The LaSallian
Editorial // November 5, 2010

The Department of Education (DepEd) announced, Oct. 5, the administration’s plan to implement a 12-year basic education cycle, the Kinder plus twelve (K+12) program. According to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the Philippines is the only country with a 10-year cycle. Hence, the K+12 program will keep the Philippine education consistent…

Editorial: Responsibility and Reason
by The LaSallian
Editorial // September 15, 2010

In front of a burning house, a group of people will be found carrying pails of water in an effort to put off the fire. Unfortunately, not far will be a group larger than the former, already speculating who started the fire. It has been a habit among us Filipinos to point fingers before trying…