Revisiting Intramuros
by Michi Dimaano and Audrey Giongco
Feature // February 21, 2017

For most of recent history, we’ve taken Manila for granted. For those of us who haven’t witnessed the city in its heyday, our knowledge of it is only as deep as the content of our history books—especially with it being the venue of the significant events that shaped our nation. Although our campus is located…

Film, music, and fare in Tagpo: Isang Pagtitipon
by Catherine Orda, Casey Margaret Eridio and Katherine Moro
Feature Writer's recap //

With time and place promptly set, and eager attendees gradually flocking to Circuit Makati, the almost morose, unexpectedly bleak atmosphere in the early evening of February 18 was not the subject on everyone’s minds. Instead, guests braced themselves for the incoming barrage of films and live performances that was promised by the Green Media Group…

Bedroom beatmakers, a new wave of artists
by Katherine Moro and Flores Gilda
Feature // February 16, 2017

Beyond the local music we hear on the radio lies a treasure lurking in cyberspace that has yet to be fully explored—the up-and-coming beatmakers in the Philippines. With sounds that range from ambient electronica to futuristic lo-fi, these electronic musicians offer an avant-garde exploration of sounds which goes beyond the ubiquitous music blaring from the…

Living with a disability: A blessing or a curse?
by Lance Villarosa and Marielle Lucenio
Feature //

Sometimes a normal man’s motivation is another’s limitation. Whether it has done wonders to the former or angst to the latter does little to shed light on how Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) are and should be perceived. It is of no secret that PWDs are cut from a different cloth. Some are able to still…

Tagpo: Isang Pagtitipon
by Catherine Orda, Katherine Moro and Casey Margaret Eridio
Feature // February 15, 2017

  The age-old adage describing the comforts of good food and good company is about to take on an interesting addition this Saturday, February 18, at Circuit Makati with the Green Media Group’s Tagpo: Isang Pagtitipon, a celebration of local food, music, and film. The premise is simple: Highlights of the local art scene provide…

V.Avena & Sons, the last one standing
by Cody Cepeda and Casey Margaret Eridio
Feature // February 14, 2017

The typewriter, in the context of the times, has been heralded as sophisticated and futuristic—so much so that the fine contraption changed the way people saw communication, and became a necessity in most professions and households for the most part of the 20th century. But the workhorse that so often received beating from the likes…

Rant & Rave: Precious Moments Gift Shop and Restaurant
by Celestine Sevilla
Feature Rant & Rave //

Be it a haven for collectors of well-loved porcelain figurines or simply a sanctuary for those seeking comfortable solitude, this quaint little nook hidden within the metropolis of Makati is none other than the SamBREW Cafe inside Precious Moments Gift Shop and Restaurant. Having just been reopened after undergoing renovation,  Jojo Sonillo, president of Precious Moments…

Pasinaya 2017: Palabas at Palihan
by Eternity Ines and Dab Castañeda
Feature Writer's recap // February 13, 2017

Every February, the Philippines opens its arms to art as month-long celebrations for National Arts Month commence. The Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP), high hand in art and culture, doesn’t hold back in its festivities to promote the celebration and appreciation of all art forms. Pasinaya, the biggest multi-arts festival in the country, is…

Memoirs of a Lasallian: Pio Uy Dehesa
by Addy Binoya and Denise Nicole Uy
Feature Lounge // February 9, 2017

“Hindi ko talaga alam kung mayroon pa akong kaklaseng buhay,” admits 96-year-old Lasallian alumnus Pio Uy Dehesa, his voice quiet and contemplative. For him, age is not just a number, but a hint of how different the world he was born into is from our world right now. What must it be like not knowing…

Green Pulse: On stricter regulation of social media
by Celestine Sevilla and Cirilo Cariga
Feature // February 8, 2017

Social media became witness to last year’s significant turn of world events. From #Brexit, the United States elections, the Aleppo crisis, the impeachment of South Korea’s President, to President Duterte’s anti-American streak, our news feeds have been fueled with stories that have spread like wildfire. The democratizing power of networked spheres spur easier citizen participation…