Third in line: Jon Choi on food culture
by Alex Diaz de Rivera and Jose Felipe Montinola
Feature // August 15, 2014

In a country more known for tea, Jon Choi stumbled inside one of China’s coffee shops during a business trip for an IT job years ago. It was here that he began his love story for coffee, which has not ended but culminated in Magnum Opus, a third wave café found among the many restaurants…

Plural, a new voice of prose
by Jeanne Marie Cornista and Isabella Argosino
Feature //

Deep into the hidden valleys of literature, past the forests of fiction and hills of poetry, lies a hidden gem called prose. Prose, which can be defined as a form of language characterized by its natural flow of speech, spans several forms of communication. With its origins tracing back as early as Shakespeare’s time, prose…

Keeping a pulse on Philippine literature
by Nathaniel Sierras and Josienne Cordova
Feature //

Philippine literature, coming a long way from its humble pre-Spanish beginnings and nationalistic propagandas to modern 21st century writings, is an expression of our culture and experiences. As long as there are those who write their ideas on paper and share them with others, it’s hard to think we could actually run out of things…

A visit to National Artist for Literature, Dr. Cirilo Bautista
by Cirilo Cariga and Kim Ho Jae
Feature //

“He is a genius,” says Dr. Rosemarie, referring to her husband Dr. Cirilo Bautista. A distinguished academician and poet of the Philippines, he became the 12th National Artist for Literature last June 20, putting him beside such literary giants as F. Sionil Jose, Edith Tiempo, and Nick Joaquin. He has also devoted more than 30…

A look into CHED Memo No. 20-2013: The end of a language?
by Cirilo Cariga and Audrey Giongco
Feature //

The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Memorandum (CMO) No. 20, series of 2013 has raised more than a few eyebrows among professors of Filipino and organizations including Tanggol Wika and Pambansang Samahan ng Linggwistika at Literaturang Pilipino (PSLLF), as there are no Filipino subjects included in the proposed New General Education Curriculum (GEC) for college.

Green Parody Series: Keeping up the parody
by Arielle Poblete and Nathaniel Sierras
Feature // July 24, 2014

The second part of our parody account series is about the ups and downsof @Amphigong, @MoreFunInDLSU, and @Lozolpls.

Green Parody Series:  Backgrounds and beginnings
by Arielle Poblete and Nathaniel Sierras
Feature // July 17, 2014

No classes in STC. I thought ONE LA SALLE?! RT if One La Salle pls 🙁 — More Fun In DLSU (@morefuninDLSU) July 14, 2014 What is a parody account? Their tweets make people laugh about anything from students’ struggles to the University’s events. Parody accounts regularly inject humor into Lasallian life and gain a…

Women, film, and the Bechdel test
by Daniel Ian Comandante
Feature // July 12, 2014

Movies are trying to change everything. Studios are listening to the clamor of audiences to tweak the formula or even break the tradition for better storytelling. Not long ago, Hollywood was dead set on pleasing everyone with uplifting animated movies and comedies that exploit people’s boiling points and funny bones. Nowadays, comedies are wittier with…

Stories from down and up
by Francesca Militar and Andrea Mendoza
Feature //

It can be said that the girl from Wonderland got the best of both worlds; Alice was able to grow into sizes of too big and too small. Like folk singer Joni Mitchell, she was able to see the world from up and down, and with wonder and adventure every inch of the way. Unfortunately,…

Professor problems
by Jeanne Marie Cornista and Nathaniel Sierras
Feature //

With all the problems that come with completing a course, rarely do we think about what challenges lie on the other side of the classroom.