The secrets to being a student entrepreneur
by Francesca Militar
Feature // June 24, 2014

Gone are the days of endless money hunting, as more Lasallians are considering the art of money making through businesses of their own. Some students have actually thought of starting their own business – be it a simple tutoring gig or an online retail shop – the ideas are infinite. Though one question remains: What…

Retrospect: The art of courtship
by Cirilo Cariga and Michi Dimaano
Feature // June 10, 2014

Unexpectedly, while buying lunch with your buddy in Perico’s, you see her.  Her hair flowing with waves that look so effortlessly perfect, her smile as bright as the sun, and her eyes that twinkle like the stars. Luckily for you, your friend sees you in awe of her beauty and decided to introduce you to…

Repeaters: Another chance
by Arielle Poblete and Nathaniel Sierras
Feature //

As one types the MyLasalle URL in the search bar, the three months of the past term flash back with every period of the address and all the time and effort (or the lack of it) that one has dedicated to the term’s subjects suddenly dawns heavily.  Were all my late nights worth it? Did…

Work in progress: Structural marvels
by April Anne Villena
Feature //

If the world, society, or everything for this matter remained stagnant or void of change then what could there be to look forward to or excited about? As cliché as the phrase is, it is true that change is (and with emphasis) the only constant thing in this world. The results it has brought or…

The ups and downs of dropping out
by Alex Diaz de Rivera
Feature //

It’s easy to see dropouts as failures and quitters, and in rare cases geniuses and innovators, but that is not entirely the case for everybody. Every student knows at least one person who left school, for one reason or another. The collegiate system was based upon the desire for higher learning, but the question is,…

Tsinoys: A cultural revolution
by Shi Ailyn and Stephanie Tan
Feature //

They skillfully weave their way among the crowd – mingling easily with the common folk on their way to school, to work, and to the neighborhood grocery store. They are not fazed at the sight of kids galumphing on the streets or at the cacophony of horns and chatter that are typical of a day…

The exchange experience: Adventures abroad
by Wilhelm Tan and Roy Loyola Jr.
Feature //

Those who take this journey return home with stories, some disappointing and some fascinating.

New spins on an old reel
by Daniel Ian Comandante
Feature // June 8, 2014

To the casual viewer, it seems that Hollywood is in a rut. Yes, the land where “reel” dreams come true has started to go on a downward spiral. Financially, the film industry is seeing highs for ticket sales and theater attendance. In terms of story and content, however, the battle between television and cinema is…

More fun in the Philippines
by Belle Justiniani
Feature // October 1, 2012

We Filipinos are known for our unstoppable optimism, easygoing casualness and sense of humor.  We are characterized by our ability to smile in times of depression, laugh even in the face of problems, and get back up despite any disaster thrown our way. The recent crisis brought on by the monsoons served as an excellent…