Office of Counseling and Career Services: Willful help or False hope?
by Ella Baccay, Addy Binoya and Nadine Macalalad
Feature // November 9, 2018

It has been known as the pulpit of service aimed at cultivating an atmosphere of positivity. The Office of Counseling and Career Services otherwise known as the OCCS, renders its services to those who are in need of support. The OCCS is managed by professional counselors to help monitor student performance and find effective solutions…

Seeing Through the Third Eye
by Emily Lim and William Ong
Feature // November 8, 2018

We are bound by the reality that we live in, examining what is in front of us with our five senses. We see. We hear. We smell. We taste. We touch. Yet there are circumstances where a few are gifted with a sixth sense. This extrasensory perception sees beyond our plane of existence, and to…

LitAw VisAw: A Night of Funk and Freedom
by Yanna Zhang
Feature //

The night of October 12, 2018 showered well-deserved awards as The Malate Literary Folio and event participants celebrated The 33rd DLSU Annual Awards for Literature (LitAw) and The 8th Annual Awards for Visual Arts (VisAw) Awarding Ceremony at the William Shaw Little Theater. The LitAw VisAw is centered on recognizing and praising student writers and…

Professional Parents: I Study, They Teach
by Denise Nicole Uy, Kay Estepa and Erinne Ong
Feature // November 7, 2018

You raise your hand. You’re nervous and jittery, and you don’t want to make a fool of yourself in class. The professor’s eyes stare into yours, patiently waiting for your answer. The place is different but the face is familiar, you’re just not used to seeing this part of their life. Here, you say “Sir”…

The surge of a DLSU phenomenon: A DLSU Bids to Pick story
by Addy Binoya and Ella Baccay
Feature //

With the fast-paced technological advancement and the constant rise of social networking, it is apparent that social engagement has definitely grown out of the pits of its once nomadic endeavors and into the podium of search engines and online posts. And with the emergence of this different wave of communication culture, people—especially the youth—are able…

The meshed and the mixed: The undefined meaning of Filipina beauty
by Yanna Zhang and Kay Estepa
Feature // November 5, 2018

A sparkling stage and a towering list of expectations, beauty pageant contestants are no stranger to competition. All that work and fight for a sash and crown, symbols of success to any aspiring Filipina beauty queen. The definition of beauty has changed repeatedly, from corsets to lip gloss to threaded brows—the interpretation of beauty shifts…

Tingle Me to Sleep: The Sounds of ASMR
by Marmeelyn Sinocruz and Erinne Ong
Feature // October 27, 2018

Sound is a spectrum. From acoustic tunes to heavy metal jams; from static noise and blaring car horns to the lively, dynamic voices of conversation—all these auditory stimuli are bound to trigger a diverse array of responses from the listener. In the confines of our own room, the unsettling silence is tuned out with a…

The clown conundrum
by Westin Perez and William Ong
25 Cents' Worth Feature // October 25, 2018

When one ponders about the prospect of a clown flick, the first genre that comes to mind would be that of horror. Instead of a mascot greeting you at the door as you order a burger, or a jolly, makeup-clad man in a circus, a defining representation of clowns in many people’s minds is that…

Crazy Rich Asians: A step in the right direction
by Westin Perez
Feature //

In August, Crazy Rich Asians hit theaters. It was a movie that I had been anticipating for a long time. Being of Chinese descent myself, I was excited to see what this majority Asian cast and crew could bring to the table. Boy, was it a ride. True, it wasn’t a movie that was particularly…

Palanca Awards 2018: A Guiding Star in the Artistic Night
by Denise Nicole Uy
Feature Writer's recap // October 11, 2018

It’s not an exaggeration to say that the Palanca Awards is a guiding star for a Filipino writer’s artistic expression. Awards aren’t everything. They are not accurate measures of one’s artistic ability, but the Palanca is more than an award. Despite its intimidating stature as one of the premier literary awards and one of the…