Women, film, and the Bechdel test
by Daniel Ian Comandante
Feature // July 12, 2014

Movies are trying to change everything. Studios are listening to the clamor of audiences to tweak the formula or even break the tradition for better storytelling. Not long ago, Hollywood was dead set on pleasing everyone with uplifting animated movies and comedies that exploit people’s boiling points and funny bones. Nowadays, comedies are wittier with…

Stories from down and up
by Francesca Militar and Andrea Mendoza
Feature //

It can be said that the girl from Wonderland got the best of both worlds; Alice was able to grow into sizes of too big and too small. Like folk singer Joni Mitchell, she was able to see the world from up and down, and with wonder and adventure every inch of the way. Unfortunately,…

Professor problems
by Jeanne Marie Cornista and Nathaniel Sierras
Feature //

With all the problems that come with completing a course, rarely do we think about what challenges lie on the other side of the classroom.

Culture shock: Adjusting to life in Taft
by Alfonso Dimla
Feature //

Out of everything that they told us in LPEP, they forgot to initiate us to one guideline we needed as a frosh: how does one adjust to Taft life?

The passion behind performance
by Belle Justiniani
Feature //

Through Culture and Arts Office (CAO) organizations and events, De La Salle University gives every student a glimpse of the unique Filipino culture we ought to take pride in.  Beyond the classroom yet still within the walls of our campus, we have every opportunity to appreciate our culture if we only know where to look….

The art of flamenco
by Roy Loyola Jr. and Jeanne Marie Cornista
Feature // July 10, 2014

The most common reaction to trying something new is saying the word ‘no.’ It’s normal after all because it means getting out of your comfort zone, which can be scary. The uncertainty that comes with a new experience is the reason why people don’t take the leap of faith. Refusing the exchange of risk for…

Amazing Race: SM North Edsa to DLSU
by Arielle Poblete and Michi Dimaano
Feature //

Five of our staffers were brave enough to take on the challenge of racing around Metro Manila to find out which route to DLSU was faster.

Keeping up with The Heart at Play
by Francesca Militar and Andrea Mendoza
Feature // July 6, 2014

Within the multitudes of people, there exist our everyday heroes – regular men and women, who devote their time and capabilities to helping those in need. Among these heroes are the parents, coordinators, and volunteers of The Heart at Play foundation – an organization dedicated to helping special needs children, through the art of dance….

World Premieres Film Festival holds Award Night
by Cirilo Cariga
Feature // July 4, 2014

Members of the global film community gathered once again as the first ever World Premiere Film Festival held its awards night last July 2, 2014, at the Mall of Asia CenterStage. The event was graced by diplomats and ambassadors from countries such as Iran, Laos, and the US, as well as the film makers from…

WPFF invigorates international cinema in Manila
by Marinel Mamac and Alex Diaz de Rivera
Feature // June 30, 2014

  Crustaceans, Our Hodja, and Autopsy of Love – these are some of the films that will be showcased in the first World Premieres Film Festival hosted by the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP). The first of its kind in Asia, the festival brings together over 40 films from 27 countries in various…